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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak greeting Payal’s mum and thinking Maasi called her to scold as Payal has run away. Maasi says Payal called her mum for Shiv’s yagya. Kanak thinks Payal did not run away. Maasi asks Uma to make the yagya item list. Shiv says Uma would be tired. Uma says the work we do happily does not tire us. Kanak sees Payal. Shiv tells Kanak about yagya ritual. Kanak says you are antaryami like Uma, tell me what is it. Shiv says when a boy is eligible to obey Dharm rules, his dharm yagya pavitra ritual is done. Uma says you have to obey rules strictly. Shiv says I won’t let you complain, I was waiting to see that strap like you. Maasi says then Shiv will do pandit work in all pujas. Uma says anyone who keeps life pure and spiritual can wear Janiyo, its useful for health. Maasi says Kanak will learn this soon.

Payal’s mum says lack is knowlegde is also fun, Kanak’s strange talk would be entertaining you. Maasi goes. Kanak sees Payal. Uma says I have money, jewelry to Kanak, she wanted to secure her future. Maasi asks why, what’s this joke, does she not feel secure. He says she will take time to accept me. Maasi says I don’t understand the tests you are giving, your other name is belief. Kanak asks Payal what is she doing here. Payal stops her and asks her to wash hands. Kanak says my hands are clean. Payal says kitchen is like temple, even if hands are clean, wash once. She makes Kanak wash hands. Kanak asks what’s the problem, why did you leave good chance.

Payal recalls her mum’s words and says I don’t know difference between right and wrong, I have to learn. Kanak asks what are you saying. Payal’s mum comes and taunts Kanak. She says I reminded her, Jethani always stays a Jethani, she does not become a friend ever. Uma says I m not helpless, I don’t do anything apart from Dharm, you gave me such sense to get her on right path. She asks did she do anything. He says scolding wife in front of family is like insult, she is my wife, she promised to do wife’s duty, I m going to take her test. She says she wont be able to pass it. He says then I have to abandon her.

Kanak talks to Maasa and tells what mistake she did and what Uma told her, she has to fulfill wife’s duties now, how will I be able to do this, when I feel like losing. She says you never spoke to me, but your eyes talk to me, as if it wants to say something, sorry I can’t understand but I have belief that you will never abandon me, even if Uma does. Maasa cries. Kanak wipes her tears. Maasi asks abandon? Uma says yes, she will be staying here, but she don’t get wife’s rights. She asks about Lord’s signs.

Uma says yes, I m sure Kanak will pass the test, I believe in Lord, like gold glows by heating in fire, I want Kanak to become better, she becomes such bahu that she gets your love and respect. Maasi says I just want your belief to win, maybe she becomes your wife in real sense, you think my children’s talk can be hidden from me, I m proud of you, you don’t run away from Dharm and take right decision, it means my upbringing was absolutely correct. Uma smiles.

Rani scolds Golu and asks him to do everything in dreams, he has no courage to tell his mum. He recalls telling Rani that he can’t break his mum’s heart, he can’t marry her. She says I don’t believe you are from Rathi family, Kanak left home being a girl and you can’t even tell my name, give this saree to one whom your mum chooses, I chose someone for me, who has courage to hold my hand, don’t take my name from now on, our relation is over. He drops the saree and goes. She says I love you a lot and did not wish to hurt you, I did not know how to make your inner man awaken, true love knocks heart just once, don’t get much late. Meenakshi comes and shouts Rani, how dare you touch this saree, you have stolen this, Bijli has returned it and broke Golu’s heart. She throws saree on Rani’s face and asks her to go.

Golu asks Meenakshi to stop it. He says Rani is not a thief, I gave this to her. Rani gets glad. Uma asks Kanak to have sweets, its from your shop, Kanak sweet shop. She asks my shop? He says why are you worried, you said you wanted this shop, Payal’s mum got this sweets from Pushkar. Chote chote armaan…..plays….. Kanak recalls Bhabho. She feels she got Bhabho’s blessings, now none can stop her from getting shop.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maasi asks Kanak not to touch Suman. Kanak says its part of every woman’s life. Uma says person has to be pure to sit in yagya ritual. Payal’s mum thinks Kanak has to go to Suman’s room, I will see how Kanak sits in yagya.