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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Uma asking Kanak what shall I do that you feel secure. She recalls Sooraj’s words. She says I did not think such, but I want financial security first, so that I can use money to become something on my own if something wrong happens. Uma says my everything is yours being my wife. She says I have nothing if I m out of this relation, my family did not give me anything as I was forcibly married, wife should get her rights as per laws. He agrees and asks what do you want. She says three things, one Naulakha necklace, 35 tola gold and a property on my name. He asks anything else? She says I should get these by my choice. He asks will your fear end by getting these things. She says yes, I will be happy. She recalls Bhabho and says then I will get world’s biggest happiness, I mean my future will be secured.

Uma asks her to come along. She thinks he is giving me everything, I will get Bhabho’s shop. She says we will come tomorrow, Maasi would be sleeping. He asks her to come. She asks where did Maasi go. He says everyone went to see moon, you remember mahurat. She asks what, was mahurat for Chandra darshan. He says yes, what did you think. She recalls Maasi and Uma’s words. She says I m such a big fool. He wipes hands and says money is Laxmi’s avatar, one should clean hands before touching it. She says yes, Laxmi mata.

He asks her to take as much gold as she wants. She says its fine. She likes a necklace and drops the box. She says I will keep this. She thinks take some time, else he will know I have no interest in gold. He asks her to hurry, then they will go to get property papers. She says fine. She likes another necklace. He says its not 35 tolas. She says I know, it won’t look good if I take heavy one, fine if you say. She takes heavy necklace. He asks her to come. She gets inside room first and stops. She says sorry, first you.

He opens the cupboard and asks her to take any property papers she likes. Her drawing falls. They pick it. He recalls Kanak giving it to him. She smiles and thanks Shiv ji for blessings. She checks papers. She sees Kanak sweet shop and says it looks like you have bought this property for me, you gave me this name, I will keep this, I got related to this name, shall I keep this. He smiles and nods. She takes the papers. He shuts the cupboard. He asks her to come.

Shiv says I thought Uma is making Kanak see moon, but Uma is making Kanak see house. Kanak calls him smart and cute. Shiv hugs her. Maasi says Kanak’s face is shining lot today, it looks she got good darshan. Uma says yes, I did not see Kanak so happy before. Saraswati asks did you both start talking in signs. Kanak says how is moon connected to them. Saraswati says pandit Shiv said moon is Lord of love. Uma asks Shiv to brush his teeth before sleep. Shiv says I know, teeth does not decay. Uma asks Maasi to keep brahman daan items in his medical place. He goes.

Ved sees the shop and cries recalls Kanak. Babasa asks him will he have tea made at the shop. Ved opens the shop. Babasa says sit, I will make tea. Babasa gets tea and asks him to have it. Ved says Vansh asked me whom will I choose between Bhabho and Kanak, I can’t choose any one, but I did this mistake, how to keep both of them happy at same time. Uma gives a bag to Kanak. He asks her to keep jewelry and papers in it. She thinks I did not think he will give me Bhabho’s shop papers and also the bag. She says my tensions. ended. He asks will you run away from this house. She says no, why will I run, get the papers registered to my name, then I will get property. He says my given promise can never be incomplete, wait. He gives her blank paper with his sign.

He says you can write the matter, I will transfer the shop on your name, you chose wrong property, Gabbasa will be vacating the shop. She says no need, its my shop paper, I will think to send the people to get shop or not. She asks when will shop get on my name. He says atleast 20 days. She thinks more 20 days, I have to stay here, its fine. He asks her to keep bag. He says fine, but where to go now. He holds her hand and takes her out. She asks what happened. He shouts get out of my house right away. She gets shocked.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma says maybe you did not learn to keep relations, you are a selfish person. She asks enough, how dare you point on my upbringing, I promise now you will break this marriage and do this Adharm.