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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak applying the lep to Uma’s wound. Mai Sooraj tu saanjh piya ji…..plays….. Kanak sees the keys. Maasi doubts on Kanak changing so soon. Saraswati says its happening as we want, what’s there to doubt. Payal says yes, every girl accepts marriage, it does not matter how she feels at marriage. Maasi looks at her. Payal says I m saying about Kanak.

Uma asks don’t you think you applied more lep. She says stand quiet. He asks what. She says its big mosquito. He says mosquito won’t know your langage. She claps and holds keys. He says if you hit more mosquitoes like this, you will need to more apply lep. Kanak thinks you apply lep Raavan, I will get keys and goes. Maasi comes to call Uma. Kanak asks her to come later. Maasi taunts and says Uma, you will get 5 days, you will get many chances to apple and remove lep. Uma goes. Kanak misses the keys.

Ved says Babasa, Vansh has told this to me, Bhabho’s breath was breaking. Babasa says she thinks she is Jhansi ki rani, you two think she will listen to me, she is stubborn, life is just passing now. He sees Bhabho working at the shop. Vansh says we know nothing will change. Babasa asks is there any other way. Ved says we have just one way, we were thinking to sell shop. Babasa gets shocked.

Babasa asks what, are you guys thinking to sell the house, don’t you know, her soul is there, she makes sweets day and night. Vansh says we know Bhabho makes sweets, you pay someone to buy sweets so that her courage does not break. Ved says we understand your love, you worry for her, you both have respect in each other’s heart. Babasa recalls the fire accident. He says if you want to sell shop, sell it, someone has to decide, I trust you, you are Sandhya’s sons, just be careful that till shop is sold, don’t tell this to Bhabho, let her live for some days.

Suman says what will happen if Paulmi comes. Maasi asks what will she do there. Maasi gives saree to Kanak, and asks her to donate it to needy. Kanak looks for Uma and thinks to make other plan to get keys, I will go after getting papers. Maasi says Uma will come. Paulmi manages work. Kanak asks her to keep saree for puja. Paulmi gets shocked.

Suman asks what are you doing, Maasi said give to some needy outside, you are insulting Paulmi. Kanak says sorry, I did not mean that. Suman says you don’t know who is she. Maasi stops Suman. She says Paulmi is cared by Uma, she does not need anything. Paulmi calms down Suman. Suman says no, send Paulmi with me, else I won’t go. Kanak says Suman is right, let Paulmi go. Maasi asks go? Kanak says I mean, let Paulmi come with us. Uma comes and asks is everyone ready, we will leave in half an hour. Maasi says all ready. He asks Kanak to come and take blessings from his mum. She thinks I have some time to get shop papers.

Meenakshi asks Ved and Vansh are they ready, we have to steal Lanka from Raavan. Ved says Bhabho is not Raavan, her shop is not Lanka, what’s this planning. She says big plannings are made such, you both have to enter shop in Bhabho’s absence. Ved asks is it imp to steal in shop. Meenakshi says I have do my grooming, I m busy, you tell me if there is any other plan. Vansh says no, you tell us. Meenakshi says you will get Pappu, send him to have something. Ved and Vansh ask Pappu to have icecream and come. Pappu leaves from shop.

Meenakshi says you will get a cupboard, you will get shop papers there, steal the papers. Vansh and Ved check cupboard. She gets some papers and start checking. Bhabho comes there. She calls out Pappu. Ved and Vansh hide and throw some thing. She goes to see. They run out of shop.

Uma says we are going for puja, and takes his mum’s blessings. He asks Kanak to take blessings. Uma holds his mum’s hand. Kanak takes blessings. Kanak says I will pray that you get fine soon. Uma’s mum looks at her. Uma’s mum cries. Uma and Kanak leave.

Meenakshi, Ved and Vansh check the papers. Ved says there are no papers in this, we got all papers. Meenakshi says how can this happen, where are the papers. Uma asks Maasi not to worry, there is still time, we will reach on time. Kanak sees the key. She thinks to get keys anyway to save Bhabho’s shop.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Paulmi angrily cuts the curains. Maasi asks someone to stop Suman. Paulmi gets Uma and Kanak out of the curtains. Kanak thanks her. Maasi asks Kanak how did she get tangled.

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