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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Uma gets tensed when Balbrahmachariji/BB enters. BB asks Uma why he is looking tense. Uma greets and says he is fine. At temple, Saras asks Vansh who was that mad woman/Meena. Vansh says she is his aunt and mad behind jewelry, she even snatched her mother’s jewelry. Saras asks why did she ask to get jewelry home. Vansh says she does not stay with them and asks let us marry now, he will get garland. Saras thinks of calling Uma and taking his blessings. She calls landline. Kanak standing near landline comments even phone is a female and BB does not like females, if he hears her ring, he will fume. She picks call. Saras speaks and asks to give phone to dadusa. Kanak says BB has come and her dadusa is busy serving him. Saras says she is leaving from here in sometime. Saras

excitedly asks how was her friend’s wedding, Uma had sent her favorite sweets and diamond studded Radha Krishna photo, did she like it. Saras says she got other gift also/bangle. Kanak says Uma did not send any other gift. Saras realizes that Vansh lied and walks crying. Vansh buys garland and seeing her walking speedily stops her. Saras asks why did he lie that her dadusa sent bangle to her. He agrees that he lied as he did not want to lose her and cannot think of a life without her. He kneels down and requests to marry him.

Shiv drops Saras’ favorite doll by mistake and informs Kanak that dadussa had given it to Saras jiji in childhood, she will feel bad. Kanak asks him not to worry, they will repair it and asks to get gum. He brings gum. Uma enters. Shiv informs Uma that Saras’ doll broke. Uma says not to worry and tries to fix it with Kanak. His and Kanak add hand into gum bowl together and look at each other’s face. Serial’s title song plays in the background. BB’s disciplines informs Uma that BB has called him for meditation. Uma says he will come. Kanak taunts Uma that for him, Saras’ feelings don’t matter, religion is important for him, why will he bother about anyone’s emotions. Uma says he already told that religion is most important to him and walks away.

Kanak with Shiv walks into living room. Maasi calls her and asks to bring pooja items from market and enter home via backdoor as BB’s mahapooja would be going that time. Kanak agrees and leaves with Shiv. Maasi smirks and thinks BB will get sevika for sure.

Meena is busy writing grocery details with Bhabho when Golu and Meena enter wearing sheikh’s gown and western frock. She asks Golu if hen bit him that he wore full length gown and his wife is wearing knee length short frock. Rani says she is going to Dubai for honeymoon and practicing here. Meena’s comments continue. Ved comes and says neibhor’s 70,000 rs were stolen from his house by monkey gang. Meena worriedly says she kept her money under attress and pillow. She rushes to her room and stuffs money bundles in bag. Bhabho says she is inviting monkey gang directly to steal her bag, so she should wait till morning and keep money in locker. Meena agrees. Rani thinks she has to do something by morning.

Palomi tells Maasi that she will switch off house lights and Maasi sould bring BB to corridor near back door. Maasi says she has droped oil near door and kept BB’s chair in front of it. Once Kanak enters, she will slip and fall on BB. Palomi asks how will they know. Maasi says their win’s drums will play and BB will announce it. BB sits in corridor and asks Uma if he knows rules of mahprasad, each item should be in specific quantity. Uma says yes. BB tastes prasad. Kanak walks towards home and seeing it dark asks Shiv what happened to their house. She opens door and walks in, slips and falls on BB. BB shouts disaster, this girl did a big sin. Maasi happily tells Palomi that her dream came true, Palomi says Kanak did a big sin.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Precap: Balbrahmachari orders that mischievous girl has to sacrifice worldly pleasures and become his sevika/servant for whole life. Maasi smirks that Balbrahmachariji got a permanent sevika from this house now.

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