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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th April 2017 watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Kanak asking the girls to help her find the bangle. The girl pulls her leg and asks will you lose heart in some days. Kanak tells about Uma and expresses her dislike. Uma is seen meditating. He has her bangle. It falls down. His dhyaan breaks and he picks the bangle. He thinks of Kanak. He gets disturbed by it and goes to throw it. He thinks of her words and throws it out of the window. The little boy plays out and gets the bangle. He sees Uma meditating and silently keeps the bangle back. Uma prays and open eyes. He sees the bangle in front of him and picks it.

Meenakshi opens the door and sees a man and a girl. The man says you gave the ad in paper. She asks them to come. Babasa asks them to sit. Golu imagines marrying the girl. The man says my daughter knows all the work. Meenakshi likes the girl and takes her test. She asks about hearing food in microwave. The girl answers her. Meenakshi gets glad. Golu feels hungry hearing about burger.

Meenakshi says I want to tell about you, all women in Pushkar wears sarees from my shop. She boasts of her saree shop. He tells about his shop, where many women come. She says Babasa this man is a jeweler, we got a rich party. Babasa says we got them because of my ad, I have written good english. Meenakshi says we both own own shops, we will fix the relation. The man asks about the salary. They ask what, salary?

Ved goes to meet a girl. She sees him and comes to him. He asks how is she. She says fine. They smile. She goes. Vansh comes and says she is nice and perfect for you. Ved and Vansh go to see Bhabho. Meenakshi asks what’s this new rule, will bahu be given salary. The girl says anyone take my selfie, I will look worried, I came here to do maid’s work. Meenakshi says we gave ad for bahu. The man says ad was for maid, such girl who wants all household hold. Meenakshi says Babasa. Golu says it was some mistake in english. The girl asks them why did they gave ad in english then. Meenakshi asks the man how can he make his daughter work when he is jeweler. He asks who jeweler. He says my shop is not of jewelry. Babasa worries.

Daisa calls out Bhabho and asks for Ved and Vansh. Bhabho says Ved went on duty, Vansh has wheels in his feet. She coughs. Daisa says you look much tired. Bhabho says train travel tires a person. She goes to shop and gets angry seeing the stove off. She says you did not ignite the stove till now. Vikram asks her to rest. She says Sooraj’s shop had the stove out, his name will spoil, take the things home. She starts cooking sweets and asks people to have hot jalebis. Meenakshi says I will give you job, how much will you take. The girl says 10000rs. Meenakshi asks are you mad, you have to manage the house, its just 4 people. The girl asks just 4 people in such a big house. Meenakshi asks her to clean house, I will see payments. The girl goes to kitchen. Meenakshi asks her name. The girl says you won’t forget my name ever, I m Rani. Meenaksi says its Kalyug. Vikram comes home.

Kanak goes to buy gifts. The man says you always come here, every year. He asks her to select the gifts. Uma is also there at the shop. They both check the things. She tries a lungi and thinks it will be good for Babasa. She acts like Babasa and laughs. She takes selfie keeping a mask on her face. Uma and Kanak miss to see each other. Rishta hai kaisa….. plays……….. They like the same thing. He thinks its same chandan smell, is this Shiv’s sign or my illusion. They take different things and go.

Bhabho makes sweets and gets tired. The maid laughs seeing Bhabho doing mistake while cooking. Meenakshi asks why are you laughing, call me madam. The girl says old people get mad, the lady kept the chormaa and then started fan, the flour got spread by the air. Bhabho finds tough to manage. Menekashi gets sad. The girl makes fun of Bhabho. Meenakshi asks her to shut up. I kept you to work here, don’t say all this. The girl says sorry, why is she doing work in this age, does she not have anyone else. Meenakshi shuts the window.

Golu asks Vansh to do something, else my family won’t get ahead, mumma announced she will get me married to princess, she gave ad in english newspaper, I started dreaming, a girl came home, we liked her. Vansh asks then what’s the problem. Golu says she came to become maid. Kanak calls Vansh and says I left, I rehearsed the lines you told me. He asks her to say. She says Bhabho you have always gone to yatra every year, if you know we have to stay in one house, what’s the use to do this. He asks her to have some anger and love tadka in this, then serve it with belief. She says this time I will have sweetness and love in my words which will reach Bhabho’s heart.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meenakshi burns something. She says that house and this house is different, this Laxman Rekha is the line of pain and cheat. Bhabho sits crying. Kanak is on the way. She says finally, I reached and smiles.

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