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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Uma saying you will be ready for repentance. Kanak says yes. Uma asks what duty will you do first, Rambha one… She says no. He says I knew, tell me then. She thinks to become Daasi and help family in yagya work. She says yes Kamasutra Daasi. He asks what, you are ays you mean making me think wrong. She says no, first one. He says Karesu Daasi, you have come to me when I call you and do my work without any question, you will stay as my Daasi from tomorrow for one day. She says I m repenting from heart. He says good to see your belief, time will show the rest. He goes. She thinks this will be tough for me, I have to get Bhabho’s shop and also repent for my mistake to ruin Uma’s dharm. Uma prays to Lord and says I believe in our signs, you have to support Kanak and make her win this test. Kanak thinks to win this test. Tu sooraj mai saanjh piya ji…..plays…..

Maasi asks pandit to say if he needs any item. Maasi praises Payal. She asks did anyone not make Toran. Paulmi says I m making it. Maasi asks about Janiyo. Payal says I have washed it and kept it to dry. Maasi says Suman is not helping. Uma says village women are coming to help. He asks Paulmi to wash some cloth. Paulmi smiles. Kanak takes the cloth and says I will wash it. Maasi says wow, you are helping us early morning. Maasi asks Saraswati to get ghee. Kanak says ghee has come, I have kept ghee, cleaned silver puja utensils, diya and pandits seatings too, its time for breakfast, we will have breakfast. Uma says sure.

Kanak asks Paulmi to serve breakfast, she is much hungry. Uma says no Paulmi. Kanak says I need a break at breakfast time, I m doing Daasi dharm since Brahmamurat. Uma says no, Daasi dharm has no connection with time and hardwork. Kanak serves the breakfast to everyone.

Kanak asks Shiv why is he silent. Uma says Shiv has maun vrath till yagya completes. Kanak asks what, maun vrath of a little kid, he talks too less already, he would get acidity. She jokes. She sees Maasi staring and says sorry. Uma says yagya pavitra sanskar teaches patience first, talking less saves energy of body which person can use in his work. Kanak says tongue is battery saver button. Saraswati and Payal ask what. Kanak says I mean tongue saves energy, I will also save energy. Maasi asks her to fan air. Kanak says wow, you are great, you know who feels hot and when. Maasi says its for Uma, fan air to him, nothing is happen between me and Uma, you are keeping daasi dharm today, then do without asking. Kanak says yes and fans air to Uma.

Maasi says its not your mistake, your childhood passed as ginger knot, you have to get rid of it and become better, don’t worry, we will grind all knots. Kanak says but I have changed, I got gaugraas also. Paulmi says I have to give breakfast to Suman. Kanak says I will do this. Maasi says fine, but Suman’s monthly is going on, don’t touch her. Kanak says its imp part of every woman’s life, Suman is not ill that I get her illness by touching her. Maasi says Paulmi go and give it, I will forget right and wrong while teaching Kanak. Uma says your fate just has serving husband.

Meenakshi asks Rani to wear saree and keep it. Golu says I have given this saree to Rani. Rani gets glad. Meenakshi asks why did you give it. Golu says to fold it. Rani cries and goes. Bhabho sees Rani and asks what happened. Rani says you and Babasa kept love without any problem, my four days love made me dance a lot. Babasa asks for tea. Rani asks Bhabho to take elaichi. Bhabho says I don’t like it. Rani says Babasa told me to put half elaichi in your tea, it means Babasa does not know you don’t like elaichi tea. Bhabho says he know but he thinks my heart will change and I will like it, he is trying this since 35 years. Rani says it means courage should not be lost in love, just bless me. Bhabho blesses her.

Kanak comes to Uma and asks why don’t you agree to big things which you said, it has no meaning in your life, you don’t care for woman’s respect. He asks her to say. She says I know I did big mistake, but its not normal thing for me, I realized my mistake and accepted to repent, why did you include Maasi and everyone in it, what will be my respect in front of them. He says none knows what you did, Maasi just knows you did something and I took your promise to do wife’s duty, none can understand husband’s dharm better than me here, its written in yagya granth, purity is most imp, be careful. He goes.

Payal’s mum thinks of Kanak’s words and smiles. She thinks Kanak has to go in Suman’s room, I will see how she sits in yagya.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak asks Uma to give her some work. Uma tells something. Saraswati explains her. Kanak asks servant the same. Payal laughs and tells this to Maasi. Maasi gets shocked.