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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Uma asking Kanak to get out if her wishes got fulfilled. He says this is my wish, leave from here, I did all arrangements. Kanak asks what do you mean. He says I understood you came here for some motive, I could have rejected you, I was calm and did this to know your wishes, you proved woman can go to any extent for her greed, you got everything now, is your motive fulfilled, just leave from here without any drama, none will stop you, you would have gone again, my family would have got related to you again, your step would have broken their heart and hope, I don’t want my family to bear punishment.

He asks her not to cook anything in mind now, maybe love and family did not come in your life, you don’t value real emotions, maybe your upbringing happened in such a place where relation keeping is not taught, you are selfish. She says enough, not a word anymore, how dare you blame my family and upbringing.

Bhabho says people will point at Kanak’s upbringing first. Vikram says you have to meet Mayank’s family. She says no, they have right to know truth, its my mistake, I will apologize to them, I will not forget what Kanak did, both families will lose name, she has habit to give wounds, she separated her parents from me and now ashamed them after their death.

Paulmi hears Kanak. Kanak says I will not bear anyone pointing at my upbringing. Uma says you made me do this. She says my family did not do this, was my family present here when you forcibly married here, why are you dragging them in between, its about us, I got all this from you to get financial security, you did not give me any charity, I will not go anywhere, you get signs from Shiv ji, did you not get sign that I m not any thief or beggar, I did not know I have to sit and have water, to do aarti on coming home, to have Chandradarshan, it does not mean you are right and I m wrong, stop believing you are Lord, come out of this ego, you are not so great that you can judge anyone, even Raavan’s ego broke down, I have run away and you are pointing at my upbringing, what about your upbringing when you forcibly married me, I promise you will break this relation, not me, you think marriage is big Dharm, you will do this Adharm, you will ask me to leave from here one day, else change my name. She goes away.

Paulmi looks on. Uma says calm down Kanak, anger ends anyone’s sweetness, I thought my Lord signs are true, this marriage was done in wrong way, I apologize, I did not intend to insult you, I gave you a chance to you to leave me and go, but you have rejected this chance by your wish, you can’t hold me responsible for this, now listen to me, even if you will, you can’t leave me, this relation and my family.

He lights a diya and keeps his hand. He says Bholenath, Kanak going and returning in my house and life, it means your signs given in Shivratri, I was thinking right, forgive me I was breaking relation in anger, I forgot promise given to fire is over any emotions, I will never ask Kanak to leave. I will join this relation in any situation, we became husband and wife, and will do all duties, we will have respect and love in each other’s heart. He asks Kanak to forward hand and take an oath along with him. Kanak leaves. Uma looks on.

Kanak recalls Uma’s words. Uma comes to room and sees her. He says your hand was shaking to take an oath, what meaning shall I take. She says how will we take an oath if we both are stranger. He says we are not. He says we don’t know each other, I don’t understand you, you just anger me, we stayed together for 5 days, but away, I m not the one whom you want to see in me, I can’t become like I m, you won’t accept me, I can act in front of your family, how can I act in front of life partner. He says I don’t want you to act, I accept you as you are to complete my incomplete oath. She asks him to think again, he can regret later. He says no, I decided, but this is our personal talk, my family should not know this, else their heart will get hurt.

She says fine, I will be careful, I will try to understand you from today, you try to understand me, you did not see real Kanak till now, get ready to get shocks. He says I don’t even know your real name, I want to know you completely, you accepted my given name by heart. She thinks just this name is true in this fake story. She says you will see my real avatar, if you like it, then we will think of this relation, I will be Sita for your family and Gita for you. He asks Sita or Gita? Who are they? She smiles and says my two colors, you will understand when time comes. He says fine then, show me your colors, Sita or Gita, you will get colored in my love color, and this color will never get off. She looks at him. Diya aur baati…..plays……


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