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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th April 2017 watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Bhabho keeping the fresh sweets. She calls out some people. She asks the man to take hot jalebis. The man says no, kids are not liking it. She says I will make choorman. He says no, some time else. She tries to sell jalebis. She goes to light the diya. Babasa calls her. She drops the diya and goes home. He gives her a saree and asks her to see it. Vikram asks Babasa to leave it, Bhabho is tired. Babasa says I know Vikram is doing this to take me out, Vikram does a lot for Meenakshi, move now.

Golu asks Meenakshi shall I tell Babasa. Meenakshi says not yet. Bhabho says I will wear this later. Babasa says you are one in a million, you will look good in this. She says don’t be stubborn, this color will not suit me. He asks why, I got this by seeing 100 sarees, wear it for my sake, if I get annoyed, it will be tough for you to convince me. Bhabho goes. Babasa says see, she does not refuse to me, Meenakshi make tea for us. Ved and Vansh come home. Babasa says make two tea more. He says I have failed Bhabho today and laughs. He says she is going to wear the new saree and come.

Rani asks Meenakshi is that woman your mum in law, sorry I did not know, I said a lot, you should have told me, she is your mum in law. Bhabho gets ready. Babasa sings. Meenakshi says we have to wait for this moment to end.

Bhabho comes there. Babasa says Lord gave me disease of forgetting things, I don’t realize dear ones and outsiders, not justice and injustice, not right and wrong, I join relations with those with whom I broke all relations. He apologizes to Meenakshi. He says you know many Baba, get me some mantra and tantra, any curse or blessing, if I have to forget, I should forget Bhabho forever or forget to breathe, else I should just remember that I have to be away from my wife, she roams telling about justice, she did big injustice with you. He cries.

Bhabho goes to room and cries. She changes clothes and comes back to return the saree. Meenakshi stops Rani from taking saree. She burns it. Rani asks what happened. Meenakshi says this is my house, my world, her world is different, that house is different. She shows the partition wall. Ved holds Bhabho. Meenakshi says that woman is not my mum in law, Golu is my son, but Vikram is not his father, Vansh is standing with me, as he always stands with truth, Ved is police officer like his mum, but his soul did not have courage, so he is with Bhabho and Vikram there. She asks Vansh to let her say everything to the new maid, I don’t want her to go out and hear anything. She says this Laxman rekha is the line of pain and cheat, just four people stay here, Babasa, Vansh, Golu and me, no one else, I don’t care what happens there.

Bhabho cries. Meenakshi says I will answer you, you said this woman has no one, she does all work alone, I will tell you, three years ago, even when it was her son’s mistake, she stood with you and divided family and house. Vikram shouts on Rani. He says Babasa forgets everything for 5-10mins by his disease, you don’t forget anything, take this junk and throw it out. Everyone disperse. Bhabho cries seeing Sooraj and Sandhya’s pic. She says you both used to come to me on one call, you used to understand my heart pain.

Kanak is on the way and shouts I have come Bhabho. Ved says Kanak should not know what happened at home, else her heart will break. Kanak asks them did anything happen at home. They say no. Vansh says we got emotional as you are coming to stay forever. She says so sweet, its such a beautiful feeling, I came home finally. Vansh says we will start by famous chaat. She says its my big weakness, but this time I thought something, I will have anything made by Bhabho. They smile.

Kanak says now I will know the taste of homemade food and family’s love, I feel like I was just alive till now, I will start living now.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanak gives the gift and asks the man to fix it. She sees the diya and says I got lantern. Uma says I bought lantern, this is diya. Bhabho introduces Kanak. Meenakshi asks her to say she won’t do this marriage. Uma comes there.