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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Saraswati saying about cow Kamdhenu giving extra milk today. Uma asks is everything over. Paulmi mentions few things. Uma says you have good memory, you know all items. He asks Shiv not to break his maun vrath, keep it with true heart. Shiv nods. Shiv signs him to go to market soon. Paulmi tells what Shiv means. Uma signs to Shiv that he will go soon. Kanak comes and says what Uma means. She likes Uma’s joke. Saraswati asks how did you understand his signs so clearly, I did not understand, Paulmi did you understand. Paulmi signs no. Uma says there is much work, everyone get to work. Kanak says my tension is different, I did not do any work, give me some work fast, I will cook food today. Uma says food has to be made in Satvik way, sorry I don’t…. She says you don’t trust me, fine I can’t make food without tasting, let me give any other work. He says when Kamdhenu drops dung, line the ground by it. He goes. She thinks what did he mean.

She asks Shiv about Kamdhenu. Shiv signs that way. Saraswato says Kanak went to do the work, I don’t know she knows meaning to line the ground with cow dung.

Kanak sees some men cooking. She says wow, they are preparing as if its some marriage, if Ved and Vansh was here, I would have shown how much they missed in life, I did not know tent maker is called Kamdhenu. She repeats Uma’s line.

She sees the men and thinks they have worn Malmal pagdis, when they give it up, I have to line the ground, any worker’s pagdi will be spoiled. She asks the man will he give his Mal/dung. He gets shocked and asks what. She says I know it will be tough, but I have to line the ground. He asks from which village are you, go and do your work. She says why will anyone give his pagdi, but I have to convince any one of them, this uncle will be right. She goes to someone and says I know it will be tough, but I m helpless, will you give your Mal, new will come, don’t go. The man says what are you saying, and runs. Kanak asks another man. Payal comes and looks on. She laughs. Kanak asks men and they all run away.

Payal recalls her mum’s words. FB shows her mum asking her to show she is better than Kanak, then everyone will forget Kanak is elder bahu, your name will be above her. Payal collides with Paulmi and says sorry. She goes. Paulmi asks what happened. Paulmi sees Kanak asking people and laughs. Payal goes to Maasi and says Kanak is asking everyone that…. She laughs. Maasi asks what is she asking. Payal says Kanak is asking everyone will they give the dung, Uma asked her to take cow dung and line the ground. Maasi gets shocked and asks should you laugh on this thing or get her here. Payal says I came to ask.

Maasi asks what’s there to ask, you should see family respect ruining or stop it, Kanak will ruin our respect while doing wife’s duties. She goes. Kanak greets a man and says I wanted someone’s Mal to line the ground, but no one is giving it, please don’t refuse. He says what are you saying, forgive me. Kanak says what’s there not to understand, its old traditions, you are old and will understand. Paulmi thinks Uma will come, I will take her. Kanak asks Paulmi to see. Paulmi says come with me. Kanak says none is giving the Mal. Paulmi takes her aside and says I will help you. Kanak says they won’t agree to you, they were seeing me as if I m eighth wonder of thee world. Uma comes. Paulmi shows Kamdhenu who gives Mal by her wish. Kanak says but its a cow, where is the human. Paulmi sees Uma coming. She says Gaumata’s name is Kamdhenu. Kanak asks what, it means Gaumata’s mal. Paulmi says yes, Gaumata’s dung. Kanak asks what, Mal means dung, I was asking those people for their Mal, so they were running away, why did I not understand, I will tell them to kill me. Paulmi says talk slow. Kanak says what’s the shame to say potty. Uma says Kanak…. Kanak gets tensed seeing him.

Meenakshi asks Golu where is his focus these days. Golu sits sad and says sorry. He sees Rani and smiles. Meenakshi asks whom are you seeing. She sees Rani and says why is she coming here. Rani says I wanted something. Golu says she would be asking for my hand. Meenakshi says I will not increase your salary. Rani says I came to buy my bridal dress, I want best design ready made dress. Meenakshi says you are saying as if your baraat has come. Rani says yes, I will go to my prince’s house forever now. Golu gets shocked. Meenakshi jokes on Rani.

Uma says you did not understand the real meaning of my work. Kanak asks did you hear it. He says yes, you do the work now, land should get pure. She says you want me to line the yard by cow dung. Uma says yes, its dharm of house Laxmi to clean house. Kanak says yes, I will do, I mean we can clean house by liquids, powders and soaps. Paulmi says I will get dung and do it. Uma says no, its wife’s duty, she will do. He tells Kanak that sometimes two people have to go ahead of their capabilities to do some work. He goes. Kanak sees the cow.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maasi asks Kanak not to take Uma’s plate. Uma asks Kanak to have food in his leftover plate. Kanak asks why. Uma says its your need to obey Dharm, you think what to do.