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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak saying I will be Sita for your family and Gita for you. He says fine then, show me your colors, Sita or Gita, you will get colored in my love color, and this color will never get off. She thinks he started talking of romance. Kanak asks Uma to have the milk, else Maasi will feel bad, now you will see Kanak Paulmi recalls Uma and Kanak’s words. She thinks Uma trusts Kanak, and not me, I have cared for him since many years, one day I will win his trust. Kanak thinks why did Uma not sleep till now, I m getting sleepy now, why is medicine not working.

Uma says medicine was not less, you have added medicine in milk well. She gets shocked and asks how do you know what I m thinking, did you get blessing by Shiv, it means you will know everything. He says I have talent to read hands, not mind, your hand has color, this is sign of sleeping medicine, you forgot I m a doctor, I know to catch illness, milk is pure, don’t spoil it, I have sworn to win your heart and trust, till we win each other’s heart, till you know me completely, we will not have any physical relation, you think I m Raavan, it was his courage to kidnap a stranger woman, but Sita was pure, this was Raavan’s Maryada. She recalls the lady’s words. He goes. She thinks its tough to understand Kalyug raavan.

Kanak sees Uma sleeping and says you ruined my sleep and sleeping well, I wish to expose him, I have all proof, I want to ask how is it Dharm to snatch a shop from Bhabho, that day will come when shop gets on my name, I will go by honesty, I will tell him why I came and why I m going, I will not forgive him, I will teach all Dharm, I will force you to pull your hair, else my name is not Kanak Rathi, you will know whose daughter I m. She lies to sleep.

Its morning, Kanak gets ready. She wears her jewelry and applies sindoor. She dons ghunghat and says this is Sita avatar and lifts ghunghat, saying this is Gita avatar, my films hobby did not go waste, I will do my memorable role by my filmi gyaan, I will get my Bhabho’s shop back, it will be fun.

Shiv says I have remember the lesson in Gita, anger ruins senses. Uma says Sita is not there in Gita. Everyone look on. Shiv asks what are you doing. Uma says they came in different yug, read silently. Uma asks what’s meaning of Gita and Sita. They all see Kanak coming down with ghunghat on her face. Maasi asks who is she. Suman says Kanak came in new avatar today. Maasi asks Uma is she Kanak.

Kanak stumbles and says nothing is seen in front of ghunghat. Maasi asks did she put long ghunghat for hiding face or intentions. Uma looks at Kanak. He collides with Kanak. The garland from his hand flies and falls in their neck. Rishta ye kaisa hai……plays…… Paulmi and everyone look on.

Uma asks what’s all this. Kanak says this is your Sita Swami. She lifts ghunghat and says this Gita… Maasi asks was night less that you started murmuring here, let me talk to Kanak. Saraswati and Shiv compliment Kanak. Kanak takes Maasi’s blessings. Maasi smiles and sees Uma. Kanak says bless me that I can start a new life under your guidance. Shiv corrects her. Maasi says you changed in one night, Uma did you catch the cat in one night. They all smile. Kanak winks to Uma. Paulmi says I want to say something. Maasi asks what.

Paulmi says we will teach Kanak the house rules, so that she can obey. Maasi says no need to remind again, you make butter milk.

Maasi asks Kanak to take Uma’s blessings every morning. She asks Kanak to touch Uma’s feet. Kanak asks do I have to touch his feet. Maasi says Uma you should have told her about Dharm, come. Uma says idea wife has to touch husband’s feet every day, as husband is Lord for a wife, woman should serve husband as Laxmi ji serves Vishnu ji, Lord is ideal of Maryada, Laxmi ji thinks she is Daasi of Vishnu ji and has devotion for him, every woman should dedicate herself to her husband. Kanak thinks I don’t agree to touch his feet, what to do now.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Uma says y touching husband’s feet, wife shows devotion and husband shows his trust. Kanak says I don’t believe in this. Uma says you have to believe it, its Dharm. Maasi says everyone living here in this house, has to obey the rules.