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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kanak tells Sarsas that coming in front of Balbrahmachariji is Saras’ mistake and not sin. Saras says she made a sin. Uma asks what sin. Saras says coming in front of Balbrahmachariji. Kanak says it is not a sin. Saras says her fate to become sevika. Kanak takes Saras’ bridal dressed doll and says sevika does not have right to hold bridal doll. She brings scissors and asks Uma to cut doll’s bridal veil. Uma stands still. Kanak says she will do it and cuts veil and then asks Uma to cut its hair now. Uma stands emotional. Kanak asks if he is feeling pain, then how can he push Saras to become sevika. Saras says for her, her Dadusa’s order is most important, till now her dadusa always wished good for her. Uma emotionally hugs Saras and says he is proud of her.

Vansh looking at Kanak’s pic says if she is adamant, even he is adamant, nothing is important for him than his sister in this world and he will not lose hope in getting her justice.

Vansh catches money man and then sees Golu and Bhabho with her. Meena comes out crying that monkey man took away all her money. She sees Vansh holding moneyman and beats it. She removes mask and sees it is just a dress. Rani consoles her that money is just a dirt of hand. Meena says she saved dirt whole life. Rani says she is happy that monkey man did not harm Meena and just took money. Meena emotionally hugs her and accepts her as bahu.

Kanak walks into Sevika’s room and asks where is her Balbrahmachariji, he does not have any right to make sevika and Saras as his servants. Sevika does not react. Kanak continues venting her anger and says she has become stone being with Balbrahmachariji. Sevika speaks and reveals that she is Balbrahmachariji’s mother, continues that Balbrahmachariji became sanyasi without bothering about his mother. Mother’s love made her become Balbrahmachariji’s sevika and serve him. He did not see her face since years and today when she slipped and writhed in pain, he felt his dharam spoilt by hearing her voice and he ordered his disciples to lash her. She was lashed so much that she forgot that pain is. When Balbrahmachariji does not care about his mother, how will he care about anyone, his heart has become stone. Kanak should change her husband’s heart instead as it is still beating and only her husband can change her world.

Palomi asks Maasi to stop blaming herself, it is Kanak’s mistake instead that she did not come via back door and fall on Balbrahmachariji. Payal comes and apologizes Maasi for misunderstanding her, she is surprised seeing her justice towards dharam and did right today. Kanak enters and slaps her and says wrong happened to her and she did not oppose it, it is her mistake, now she cannot praise wrong superstitions. Maasi shouts all mistake is Kanak’s, she did not fall in trap. Palomi stops her. Kanak asks what trap. Maasi changes words and says trap which Kanak is laying towards dharam since she came here, now she does not have any right to stay in this house. She drags Kanak towards door. Kanak frees herself and says she should move blindfold of superstition from her eyes. Maasi angrily raises hand to slap Kanak. Uma comes and holds hand. Maasi is surprised and says he never stopped her since childhood. Uma says he is following dharm which she taught, following her was putra dharm and stopping her from hitting his wife is pati dharm, he cannot see anyone doing injustice to his wife. Maasi stands shocked. Drama continues.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vansh asks Saras if she does not love him, then why she is worried about him. Uma walks towards them. Maasi tells Palomi that once Saras and Vansh elope, they can blame Kanak and get her out of Uma’s life.

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