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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Uma and his brother travelling to Pushkar. The boy asks why did he come Pushkar, when will we go home. Uma says there is relations and fate in life. Bhabho packs bag. Vikram says think again, I don’t think Kanak will agree, Ved and Vansh are getting her home. Kanak smiles seeing Hanuman Gali. She gives gift to a Kaka and says I m coming tomorrow to have bangles. She meets Daisa and hugs her. She praises her beauty and laughs. Daisa asks the ladies to see who came, Kanak has come. Kanak sees the sweet shop and stops at entrance. Ved and Vansh look on.

Babasa comes and blesses her. She smiles. He says you look pretty, Lord did good, he did not give my color to any of my grandchild. Boy asks Uma to answer him. Uma says lets reach hotel, then I will say.

Boy asks can’t we have solution from Ramayan. Uma signs the man. They stop the car. Uma and boy sit on the mat and keep Ramayan. Uma asks boy to do dhyaan and find solution of his answer. Boy Shiv thinks Uma is taking in riddles these days. He sees the darkness and says Lord is increasing mystery, you bought the diya, wait I will get it, don’t move, I want to know answer. Uma says how will diya glow in so much air. Kanak gifts lantern and asks the shop man to fix it. The man shows diya. Kanak says I have got the lantern, it was packed in front of me, how did this come. Uma sees lantern and says but I bought a diya. Shiv asks Uma to see. Uma reads Ramayan and tells him about Ram getting happiness on seeing Sita, Ram was sent to Janakpuri for something else, but he had to meet Sita there. Shiv says oh, its a sign, I understood what fate got you here, like Ram and Sita met in Vatika by fate, you are going to get your life partner in Pushkar. Uma sees the lantern. Kanak sees the diya. The man says your gift is unique, diya broke by dropping today by Bhabho’s hands, if you did not get this, today there would have been no diya in the shop. Kanak prays for the one who bought this diya.

Kanak recalls what to tell Bhabho. Vansh asks her to say all lines, and not get scared of Bhabho’s relations. Bhabho comes. Kanak worries seeing her, and tells everything wrong. Vansh says she is gone. Bhabho smiles seeing Kanak. Ved and Vansh get surprised. Kanak smiles and goes to hug Bhabho. Bhabho says she is my Kanak. Kanak meets the prospective groom Mayank and his family. She gets shocked.

Bhabho says she is suitable to become your house bahu. Ved and Vansh get shocked. Bhabho says Mayank and Kanak’s jodi will look good. Ved stops Vansh. Kanak goes. Ved says Kanak is tired, she just came from journey.

Vansh and Ved go to her. Vansh says not fair, she is young, she is just 20 years, she just came, will she go now, its not done. Meenakshi and Babasa look on. Meenakshi asks them are they going to understand Bhabho’s heart. She says you all will just see that, and can’t understand. Kanak goes to her. Meenakshi says Bhabho go to know you are coming here, she is doing this, world will think Bhabho is so good and worries for Kanak, she is selfish.

She says groom is not from Pushkar and this country, he stays in London, Kanak will go there, and none can meet her. She asks Kanak to go and tell everyone that she won’t do this marriage. Vansh says enough, I won’t let wrong happen with Kanak. Ved says wait, outsiders are there, we can’t discuss family matters there. Vansh says everyone know it, they just get quiet as they respect mum and dad. He hugs Kanak. He says every child does mistakes, but there is forgivenesss too, what did Kanak do, Bhabho’s hatred is still same. Meenakshi says I don’t know, one day Bhabho left her.

Ved asks Babasa why Bhabho hates Kanak. Babasa says I don’t know, it can’t be Kanak’s mistake. Meenakshi says I understand Kanak’s fear and respect for Bhabho, don’t be quiet this time, else it will be injustice with you, your marriage will happen on right time, with right person by your wish, not by Bhabho’s wish, you are Sandhya’s daughter, learn to refuse and call wrong as wrong, we are with you. Vansh says I m also with you. Kanak sees Ved. Meenakshi says don’t see Ved, he can’t see right and wrong, he just sees Bhabho.

She asks her to see Sandhya and Sooraj, you are not a cow that anyone will drag, you and tell them you won’t do this marriage. Kanak goes to everyone. Uma comes to Hanuman Gali. Kanak thinks I will request to Bhabho and refuse for marriage. Meenakshi signs her. Everyone look on. Bhabho says you know the studies are so tough, so Kanak stays in hostel, she does not know household work much. Vansh asks Kanak to say it. Bhabho says my granddaughter is very sharp. Kanak smiles hearing this. Bhabho praises her. Chote chote parwaan hai dil ke…..plays………..Uma comes outside their house.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhabho says marriage is fixed after 15 days, Kanak will go London with Mayank, I did not snatch her happiness. Kanak argues with Uma on call. Uma says you are mistaken, you are saying without thinking anything.

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