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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kanak with Shiv gives food to Brahmin. Shiv tells Kanak if she wants to ward off milk smell, she should eat elaichi. Kanak says he has solution for every problem. He asks will she leave him again if she does not get tea. She smiles and says no. A man passes by on cycle playing Sharabi Movie’s Nashe says what if song is made on tea addiction and mimics song.

Saras packs her belongings to attend her friend’s wedding. She searches her Radha Krishna book and asks Suman to find it and keep in a bag. Kanak enters and Saras asks her to find her book. Suman comments Kanak is half awake without tea. Kanak searches book and says she really did not find book, hiding it behind her back. She gives dupatta to Saras and asks to wear it. Saras wears it and says her book is still missing.

Uma is buys in his clinic with patient when Kanak enters. He says she must be angry on him that he imposed rules on her. She says no, in fact she came to know all his rules so that she can follow them. She asks him to explain his rules, she will write them down. Uma says what is the need for it, she can byheart it. She says it is necessary and insists. Kanak writes it down and asks Uma to sign paper. He signs.

Vansh asks Rani to tell in front of everyone who is her saas. Rani anxiously says Meena Rathi. Meena shouts she is not. Everyone laugh. Rani shows her and Golu’s wedding photos. Babasa says he is witness to this wedding. Meena says he has dementia, how can he remember anything. Babasa says even Rani told same. Golu comes and Rani asks him to speak, not hiding behind mamma’s pallu. Golu anxiously says Meena that Rani is her bahu and matches her demands perfectly. Reporters ask Meena if she will accept her bahu or not. Golu and Rani touch Meena’s feet, and she hesitantly blesses them. Neighbors laugh that Meena got an opponent bahu.

Kanak then goes to Uma’s mother’s room and tells she is doing something to regain family’s confidence and needs her blessings. Mom pulls bell and gives her blessings. Maasi comes and says she has to feed didi. Kanak says she did everything already. Maasi says Kanak has done all her duties, but she is not satisfied. They hear Saras and Suman fighting and run to their room. Saras alleges Suman that she stole book and scolds to return it. Suman says she did not, but Saras continues. Suman angrily throws Saras’ clothes and yells now she cannot go to wedding. Saras picks Suman’s favorite vase. Suman warns to leave it. Kanak, Maasi and others hold Suman and ask her to calm down. Saras drops vase. Uma enters and scolds Saras and Suman and says he is trying hard to maintain peace in this house, but they want to fight. Maasi yells that because of Suman’s mischief she could not feed did. Kanak says she already did. Maasi says she likes feeding didi from her hand and does not trust anyone. Suman calms down and apologizes Saras, Uma and Maasi and says she did not take book. Kanak says she should not apologize and instead they all 3 should for wrongly alleging Suman. Drama continues.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maasi yells at Kanak that she learnt saam daam dand bhed from her maika to prove her words. Kanak says she is thinking wrong, she got a good learning from her Bhabho.

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