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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Uma holds Maasi’s hand when she tries to slap Kanak. Maasi is surprised and says he never disobeyed her since childhood. Uma says it was his putra dharm/son duty and now after taking oath on fire and marrying Kanak, it is his duty to protect her from injustice and he can go to any extent to protect her. He continues whatever happened with Saras was destiny and Kanak should not be blamed for it. Kanak reminisces Balbrahmachariji is mother/Sevika’s words that Uma\s heart can still be changed and he will change her world.

Vansh enters Saras’ room. She panics seeing him and asks how did he come in. He holds her mouth and says he had to come for her. She reveals him all the incident happened with Balbrahmachariji and Balbrahmachariji punishing her to serve him as sevika whole life. Vansh asks how can one believe in all this superstition, didn’t her Dadusa/Uma tell anything. She says Dadusa loves her a lot, but loves dharam more than anyone else. Vansh thinks if Uma is so rude to his sister, what he must be doing to his wife Kanak. He picks sindhoor and tries to apply it on her forehead. She stops him.

He says he knows she loves him. She says no. He says else why she is worried for him. Maasi peeps into their room hears everything. She gets happy that Vansh is her trump card to separate Uma and Kanak. Uma walks towards Saras’ room. Maasi stops him and asks him to let her rest now. Vansh and Saras’ argument continues. Vansh tries to convince her, but gets adamant. He challenges that he will make her realize she loves him and will take her from here.

Maasi sees Kanak coming and acts as hitting her head on wall as self punishment. Kanak asks what happened. She says she did a sin of slapping her beti bahu. Kanak says it is elder’s right to correct younger ones. Maasi says she has a plan to stop saras from becoming Balbrahmachariji’s sevika. Kanak excitedly asks what is it. Maasi says Saras will become sevika after 4 days, but if she is married and her in-laws refuse her to let her become sevika, then Balbrahmachariji and Uma cannot do anything. Kanak says they have find a boy for Saras then. Balbrahmachariji and Uma will not let this happen, so Saras should elope with a boy. Kanak happily hugs Maasi. Maasi thinks Kanak does not know about Vansh and Saras’, else she would have talked about it. Palomi hears Maasi and asks what is her plan. Maasi takes her to kitchen and adding ghee on wood says Saras and Vansh’s relationship is like ghee and wood now and until match is shown, they won’t catch fire. She will provoke them to elope and prove that Kanak is behind them, then Uma will break all his relationship with Kanak.

Kanak meets Uma and tries to convince him again to drop his idea of making Saras as sevika. Uma is undeterred. He sees Saras coming wearing bridal dress and holding her doll and remembers child Saras wearing bridal dress and asking how she is looking. Kanak asks what is he looking at. He smiles and says his sister. Kanak sees Saras and happily thinks Uma is ready to get Saras married and not make her sevika. Palomi comments Saras is looking like her doll, she has to sit in havan today and sacrifice all her desires till 4 days when she wil become sevia. Kanak is shocked hearing this and realizes Uma’s decision has not changed.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saras tells Vansh that she is sacrificing her desires and getting ready to become sevika from today. Vansh says their wedding rituals are starting from today. Kanak shows bangles and says Saras likes bangles a lot. Saras breaks bangles and throws them in havan. Kanak gives white sari clad doll to Uma and asks if he is ready to see Saras like this after 5 days. Uma shouts he cannot.

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