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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kanak says Suman that she should not apologize Uma, Maasi, and Saras and instead they should apologize her as they are habituated of getting apologized. Maasi asks if she is in her senses or she lost it without tea. Kanak says they are all addicted to something, Uma with following religion and donig yoga, Maasi reading holy scriptures and serving Maasa, Saras with reading Radha Krishna book. She shows Uma’s signed paper about meaning of addiction and says it clears states they are all addicted with one or other thing. Uma angrily says Saras that Kanak took her Radha Krishna book. Kanak returns Saras’ book and asks her not to question much, she has kept her belongings in car and Gabbasa is waiting for her, she should congratualte her friend. Saras leaves.

Uma angrily scolds Kanak that she did all this drama for a cup of tea. Kanak says he comes to conclusion without knowing the real meaning and tells everyone love their chores and don’t like anyone else perfomring it, like Maasi likes serving Maasa and even when she served Maasa perfectly, Maasi is not satisfied; like Uma is fond of Yoga; she like tea and says she gets dream of tea’s boiling, water, tea leaves bursting color in water, milk dropping in it and she sipping it. Uma walks away and Maasi angrily looks at Kanak.

Meena cries and scolds Golu for marrying Rani, she asks what is special in Rani that he married her, she wanted him to marry a real rani. Rani shouts she needs Rathi family bahu’s rights and cannot live like naukrani. Meena’s drama continues. Golu asks what is wrong with Rani. Meena shows stolen tea powder in Rani’s pallu, Rani wearing her lipstick, bangles, etc. Rani says it is her old habit and will go slowly. Meena says when she could not forgo stealing since ages, how will she. She continues crying.

Vansh gets ready to got to Ladno and lure Saraswathi to take revenge from Uma. Bhabho comes and asks him to deliver sweets at Lalabaugh to her friend’s house as there is a wedding tehre. Vansh says he has important work, so she can tell Ved. Bhabho asks if he is going to flirt with a girl that he got ready with 250 mL perfume and blazer, etc. He asks how does she know, but agrees. He reaches wedding venue, and Bhabho’s friend insists to attend wedding and then go, else she will not pay for sweets. He says he has important work and she can keep sweets for free. Lady goes in to get money. He stands looking at girls’ dance and thinking how Saraswati would be looking. Saras comes out of room and runs back seeing a boy. Her friends insist her and force her to wear western outfit with makeup and push her away. She falls on Vansh and he holds her.

Kanak enjoys tea sitting in living room. Maasi comes and comments and says she used saam daam dand bhed to get back tea, this is what she learnt in her maika and returned. Kanak proudly says she is wrong, she learnt to keep everyone united and wants everyone to accept her the way she is like she has accepted them the way they are, her bhabho has given her good moral gyaan. Drama continues.


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Kanak makes Uma wear sari. She over phonne tells Bhabho that she is feeling oneself in Uma’s house and his family as her family. Maasi says Palomi that Kanak wong tea battle, now it is her turn to win.

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