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Udaan 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor washing Suraj’s car. Imli asks why are you washing his car. Chakor says I m bearing punishment, given by Suraj. Imli says your relation is same, you both are equal, fit like ring in finger. Chakor says I got my Suraj back by someone’s prayers, do you know about Ragini, who helped her, I will not leave that person. Imli says leave it. Chakor says you wanted to kill her and today you are not worried. Imli says yes, if I killed her, I would be sitting in jail, I will help you. Suraj comes and says this is cheat, you can’t take Imli’s help. Chakor says I m not taking help, Imli you go.

Chakor says car got clean. Suraj puts some soil and asks her to clean well. She says soil is applied there. He says you are blaming me again. She cleans the car and asks will I get forgiven now. He says no, when I was away, someone was trying to come close to you, you did not stop Ajay. She pours water on him and says what nonsense. He pours water on her and says you tell him we love each other. She runs and shuts tap. He holds her in arms. He says Ajay will know it today. She says I love you a lot, it should be between us, there is no need to tell anyone or Ajay. He asks will you not tell him. She says fine, I will say, now leave me. She runs. He says when Chakor tells Ajay about our love, he will forget all counting.

Kasturi asks Tejaswini to sit. She says you should be happy, Bhaiya ji apologized to you, you don’t need to stay here, go to your haveli and manage everything, I regret we could not meet Imli. Tejaswini says you are always supporting Imli, Bhaiya ji always sees his profits. Bhuvan says world changes colors, all people are not sad, they change colors with time, maybe Bhaiya ji changed, forgive him, it does not mean we are asking you to leave, you can stay here.

Tejaswini says I can forgive him, but I can’t trust him again. Kasturi says whatever you have to do, think well, we are always with you. Suraj talks to Imli. Chakor hears them. Suraj says Chakor has to tell Ajay that I love her and she loves me, he was trying to win Chakor’s heart. Imli asks why don’t you forgive Chakor. Suraj says I can’t be annoyed with Chakor, I like when she apologizes and fights with me. Chakor thinks so he is troubling me, when I go to Ajay’s house, Suraj will come, then see what happens. She drinks juice.

Its night, Bhaiya ji comes to room and sees Ranjana. She reminds she supported him always. She says Tejaswini will not come in this haveli, else I will leave from here. He aims gun at her head and asks her to leave forever. She asks him to leave it. He throws her clothes and pushes her out. He scolds her and shuts door.

Ajay asks Chakor does she want to ask anything. She asks about Ragini. He says don’t worry, we will find her. She thinks where is Suraj and sees window. Suraj comes there. Suraj says when Chakor says she loves me, Ajay will be shocked.

Chakor acts friendly with Ajay. She jokes. Ajay says I don’t take bribe, else why would I try to stop gun factory. She holds him and says I like you, you are so honest. Suraj says what is she saying. She gets icecream and sits having it. She says icecream got on your cheek. She cleans the icecream by kerchief. She makes Suraj jealous. Ajay and Chakor smile.


Udaan 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chakor hugs Ajay. Suraj gets shocked. Suraj says I think you don’t want forgiveness. Chakor says I don’t want, you are not the right guy for me, we don’t have that old thing in between us now.