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Udaan 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor talking to Ajay. Suaj gets close seeing them. Chakor says I will leave now. She thinks Suraj till get a big shock now. She hugs Ajay. Suraj gets shocked. He says come out now, I will break your head. Ajay smiles. She leaves and smiles seeing Suraj. Imli feels happy by the baby kick. She says I will tell Vivaan. She calls him out and asks him to come soon. Vivaan asks what happened, are you fine. She says yes, see the baby is kicking. He says yes, he is really kicking. She recalls the past. She moves him away and says get away, don’t touch my baby, leave. He asks what happened, just you can break this wall between us, I want to become old Vivaan. She moves him away and cries.

She says I also want this, I want us to become like before, but what to do, I recall all those bitter things, you know wounds of words are deeper than wounds of sword, the people I trusted left support, Chakor and you have hurt me a lot, I needed you the most, you were not there with me to support me, if Suraj left me alone, where would I be, did you think of this, you leave now, my baby can’t tolerate the man who called him a sin. He cries and says you are right, I m not deserving, I should also suffer like you, this is my punishment. He leaves. She tells baby that she did not say wrong to Vivaan.

Suraj says let Chakor come, why did I send her, what did she do. Chakor comes and asks were you waiting for me. He says yes, you look happy, why. She says I had fun, Ajay is a great person. He asks what did you say, did you tell him about me. She says oh, I forgot. He says maybe you don’t want my forgiveness. She says yes, I don’t want, you keep it, I don’t care if we don’t meet, we don’t have that old thing between us, that love ended, I feel you are not right man for me, its better if I stay away. He gets shocked.

She smiles and says I liked the last punishment you gave me, thanks. She goes. He says what did this happen. Its morning, Vivaan sees Imli’s pic and says I wish I got Ragini, I lost happiness. He sees the gun crates and throws. Chakor comes. He says I want to shut this gun factory, but Ragini trapped me, I have to end this crates, else those people can hurt my family, if anything happens to my Imli, no I can’t take big risk.

She says if you really want to shut this gun factory, it will get shut, I have an idea, I will tell you later. She thinks Vivaan’s problems will end. Ajay recalls Chakor and thinks I feel she started liking me. Chakor comes and asks where are you lost. He says nothing, you tell me how did you come. She says I have imp work, will you help me. He smiles and thinks you want me to do your work. He says I will do. He thinks she wanted to meet me by work excuse.

Imli comes to Vivaan and asks do you still do this wrong work, I felt you changed, but you didn’t. He says I m helpless to do this. She says why, I can’t let you do anything wrong, if you really love me and our child, swear you will get this gun factory shut. He says sorry, I can’t false swear. Chakor comes and asks him to swear, the dangerous people will be locked soon. Vivaan asks what are you saying, how can this happen. She shows the newspaper. She says I gave this gun factory news to media, your name will not come in between, I took Ajay’s help, I have put everything on Ragini’s name, those people will be caught. He says I can’t believe you did this so easily. Imli says I m glad you will not do wrong work. Chakor asks will you not forgive me. Imli asks could you forgive me being in my place, how can you expect this from me. Chakor asks will you come in village celebrations. Imli goes.


Udaan 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Everyone celebrates. Suraj thinks Chakor is getting sweets for me. Mahiya…..plays…. She goes to Ajay and gives him sweets. Suraj gets angry.