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Udaan 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Imli trying to find about Chakor. Bhaiya ji comes and scolds her. She says its your mistake, you couldn’t kill her, I will find her, go from here. He says see my red eyes, I didn’t sleep all night, Chakor is shouting to me that she is coming. Imli says no, this can’t happen. They argue. He asks her to give number, he will trace the number. She says I should know about her till night. Girja tells Tejaswini that she has to go to Banaras in her relative’s marriage. Tejaswini says you go, just Chakor can cure him, I just have to know where is she.

Chakor gets Divya’s call and asks about the bus to go to Upadhyay’s house. Girja says I will pray Suraj gets Chakor. Suraj asks why did you leave me Chakor. Chakor says I will go to my Suraj once I solve this problem.

Chakor meets Upadhyay and says dowry is a legal crime, just return everything to pandit ji, get Divya and Sanjay married. He says I don’t know who are you to interfere, we decide in this area, Sanjay’s marriage can’t happen till Radheshyam gives 10 lakhs to me. Sanjay comes. Chakor asks him does he want to marry Divya or not, he likes Divya, if she marries someone else, he will lose her, its your life and happiness. Sanjay says I will just marry Divya. Upadhyay slaps him. Chakor says we have to end this dowry dealing, you have to raise voice for this. Sanjay agrees and says I won’t let this marry, I will just marry Divya. She says Divya is lucky to get you, come. Sanjay goes with her. Upadhyay asks the men to catch Chakor.

Suraj dreams of Chakor meeting an accident. He wakes up and shouts Chakor. He says Chakor is calling me, she is in problem. Tejaswini says no, you might have seen a bad dream. Chakor runs with Sanjay. Ranjana stops Suraj and asks him to come to senses. Suraj says Chakor is in trouble. Tejaswini says where will you find her. Suraj says I will find her. Bhaiya ji asks him to listen. Guards stop Suraj. Suraj shouts Chakor.

Chakor says we should reach Kaka’s place soon. Chakor asks Sanjay to get saved and runs inside temple. Goons catch her and ask who will save you now. Someone does aarti there and says who attacks the one who comes in Lord’s protection. The man beats the goons. Chakor asks him to save her from goons. The man beats them. The goon asks who are you, we are Upadhyay’s men, this guy is his son. The man throws all of them in lockup. Chakor says pujari ji you got us in wrong place, policemen won’t do anything, I came here before. The man goes.

Chakor says policemen sit as cowards here. The man gets dressed in uniform and comes, asking Chakor to take her words back. He says there is no place of fear word in inspector Ranvijay’s life, where is Shukla. Constable says he has gone to do work. Shukla gets Upadhyay. Ranvijay says I know you well, you are asking for dowry, good business. Shukla says we got this money from him, which Radheshyam gave him. Ranvijay says you have ruined many girls’ lives, today I have proof against you. He praises Chakor’s bravery. He asks Upadhyay to say will he do what Sanjay wants, or shall I do what law wants. Chakor smiles.

Imli sees Suraj. Bhaiya ji comes and says I got Chakor. She asks did you get that place to tell me, if Suraj heard you, your plan fails as you are foolish. He says Chakor is in Banaras, she can come anytime, there is one way to stop her, we will kill her. She laughs and asks will you kill her, leave this on me, I have thought worse thing than death for her, I won’t go Banaras, I won’t let her come Aazaadgunj. He says you talk big, how will you do this. She says I will tell you everything tomorrow.


Udaan 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Upadhyay returns money to Radheshyam and says marriage will happen on decided time. Chakor says I will leave now. Imli calls her and says you will never come back here. Chakor cries.


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