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Udaan 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Tejaswini seeing mangoes and saying its my fav, how did you get this. Bhaiya ji comes and says I got these. She refuses to have it. Bhaiya ji says its great mangoes. Tejaswini says I will stay somewhere else, you two are supporting him. Bhuvan says no, what are you saying, this is your house. She says this is my house, I will stay here. He asks her to come home. She says you have Ranjana with you, take mangoes for her. She goes.

Gun crates are burnt. Villagers smile happily. Dhol bajne laga….plays…. Imli prays that she loves Vivaan a lot, give me strength to forget Vivaan’s mistake. Bhuvan asks Chakor to have sweets. He feeds her laddoo and hugs her. He says you know happiness came because of you, now kids won’t make guns, they will get educated and become big people. She says yes. He asks her to give sweets to everyone. She sees Suraj. He thinks she is coming with sweets to convince me, I m stubborn I won’t agree. She passes by and asks Ajay to have sweets. Suraj says how did he come. Chakor says Azaadgunj got freedom because of you. Ajay says we have same aim to end evil, I could not have done this alone. Suraj gets angry.

Chakor sees Bhaiya ji coming and thinks he is not saying anything, did he change really or waiting for some chance. Bhaiya ji goes. Chakor stops and asks Suraj why is he pulling her dupatta. Girl says its us, we want sweets. She gives them sweets. Suraj thinks Chakor is doing bad, I will do what she dislikes. He goes aside and takes wine. Imli stops him. He says Chakor, let me drink. He sees Imli. She asks him not to drink and get Chakor other way. He says right, what will I get by drinking wine, I m foolish to cut the tree branch on which I was sitting, I was teasing her, when she took revenge, I could not tolerate, I know what to do. She throws wine.

Kasturi sees them and says I have to apologize to Imli. Bhuvan says its our duty, I will get her. Kasturi says we need to talk in private. She acts to faint. Chakor and Imli rush to her. Bhuvan says I think she fainted. Imli says we will take her to my room. They take Kasturi. Kasturi says I m fine, I did that acting. Imli asks why. Vivaan looks on. Kasturi says we did big mistake, we did not believe you. Bhuvan says we don’t deserve to be called your parents.

Imli says forget it, when you all made me leave from village, I was upset, but I could not prove truth. They say forgive us once. Imli asks what are you doing, you should not apologize, I have forgiven you. They smile and hug her. Vivaan thinks I m also waiting that she forgives me, that day will come. Chakor comes and smiles seeing them. She asks Imli won’t she forgive her. Imli says its not time for us. Chakor thinks to convince Imli.

Imli is on the way. Chakor stops her. Imli asks what are you doing. Chakor says there is no way to talk to you, you started hating me. Imli says no, you did not support me when I needed you, I love you a lot, when you left me in childhood, I was shattered and worked with Suraj and Bhaiya ji, relation without trust does not stay, if I was in your place, I would have supported you, why did you not believe me. Chakor takes her to temple and says you know why I got you here. Imli asks why. Chakor says this is same temple, when you have apologized to me, you blamed me that I got you married to Vivaan and I intentionally married Suraj, you did not believe me when I explained, you felt I did this by some greed, you thought I snatched your Suraj, what I went through, you are going through the same. Imli recalls the moment and says the situation showed you did everything. Chakor says I want to explain the same, situation makes person think wrong, so I took wrong decision, my mind said reports can’t be wrong, my heart said reports are false, but I did mistake to not listen to my heart, I did wrong, don’t punish me. Chakor says I love you a lot. They cry.


Udaan 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suraj asks Chakor to stop acting, else Ajay will come to confess love. Ajay says the time has come, I will tell Chakor how much I love her.