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Udaan 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor looking for Suraj. She gets down the bus. Ajay and Imli board the bus. Imli thinks Suraj is with Chakor, they were alone in bus, I have to make this Ajay away. She coughs and says I m feeling suffocated, Suraj is also not here. Ajay asks her not to worry. Ajay asks the man to get up, the lady is unwell. He makes Imli sit.

Chakor looks forSuraj. She sees him and asks him is he dancing with the bottle here when they are missing the bus. He signs her to see the goons. She thinks these are the goons who were in bus. Goon asks her to hands up. He points the gun. The goon says yes, target is in front of us, just order us. Chakor gets some call. Bhaiya ji says Ragini got mad, she will kill everyone. Ranjana asks Chakor not to take him seriously, his madness is increasing. Bhaiya ji says I m saying truth. Suraj signs what. Chakor looks at goons. Goon says you have good fate, we got order not to kill you, we will take something before leaving.

Goons take her jewelry and Suraj’s phone. Goons leave. Chakor asks Suraj to go and call police. Suraj says you have policeman along. She shouts to Ajay and sees bus going. She runs after the bus. Suraj runs after her. He taunts her. She says this is happening because of you, your drinking habit always ruins things. He recalls last time when they missed the bus. Imli thinks Suraj and Chakor would be in each other’s arms. She turns and does not see them. She says Suraj and Chakor are not behind. Ajay looks behind. He says what would be Chakor doing with Suraj, I should have not left her. Imli asks the driver to stop bus. Conductor says bus can’t stop till morning. Ajay says I m a policeman. The man says you have no ID.

Ajay says their life is in risk. The man does not listen. Imli and Ajay think Suraj and Chakor have addresses of doctor and supplier, what will we do going there. Suraj and Chakor stand under shelter to get saved from rains. Chakor says I had to go Lucknow, what will we do now. Suraj asks is Ajay so imp to you. They both argue. He asks are you not ashamed to go out with a stranger, being my wife. She says I m not your wife now, Ajay and I was going for some imp work. He says you are lying. She says you were also going on holiday with Imli.

He says I was going for some work. She says you are lying, you changed. He says you will know how I changed, I fear you will get tears when you know everything, I did not hold your hand to leave. She bites his hand. He says wild cat. She says you roam like wild animal, I will not waste time, how will I reach Lucknow. He stops her from going out. She says let storm, rain or thundering come, I m going. Mahiya….plays… She gets back. He says you got scared. She says I m not scared. He says place is not safe, stay here till rain stops. Chakor plays in rain and smiles. Suraj sees the roof leaking. He covers himself with Chakor’s dupatta. He says you want to fall ill. She jokes. They start arguing. He says I learnt trust and focus from you. She asks him to leave her. They get close. She gets away. He goes to her and covers her up. Mahiya….plays….. They see each other.


Udaan 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vivaan says gun factory should not get shut, don’t hesitate to kill anyone. Ragini gets shocked. Suraj and Chakor argue at the dhaba.