Udaan 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Suraj saying I m thinking of your boyfriend Ajay, he would be worried. She says he is not my boyfriend, we were going for some work. They have a moment. Mahiya….plays…. Suraj jokes on Ajay. He asks why are you angry, I think you are hungry. She asks how do you have money, the goons looted us. He says I have money, don’t ask now. Ragini asks goons to kill Chakor, none should doubt on us, I cancelled the order to kill her as she was not alone. Vivaan looks on and asks whom is she preparing to kill. She says I can kill anyone, they want our gun factory to shut. He says gun factory can’t get shut, just love and hatred can stay in heart, now I lost love, but I will make hatred memorable, I will get successful and then Imli will realize what she lost, gun factory should not get shut, don’t hesitate to kill anyone. He goes. Ragini says you unknowingly gave order to kill Chakor.

Tejaswini gets shocked seeing Bhaiya ji and asks him to come out. He says I m scared, don’t get angry, they will kill me. She asks who will kill you, why are you scared, till when will you make excuse to have food. Bhuvan says we will understand why is he scared. He asks Bhaiya ji what happened. Pakhi asks Bhuvan to stop the boy, if anyone gets shot then. Bhuvan takes the gun and says this is not a toy, go home. Bhaiya ji screams seeing gun. He shouts for help. Tejaswini says Ragini made this village a gun making place, now Aazaadgunj is known by Vivaan and Ragini’s names, till when will you let them rule. He asks what’s happening here, kids grew up and elders became kids, I will not let them die. Servant takes him.

Ajay talks to Imli. He says I will call them once. He calls police station and does not get signal. He says don’t know how are Suraj and Chakor. Imli says they would be fine, Suraj is Chakor’s husband. Ajay says he is drunkard, he is her ex husband. She says he won’t let anything happen to Chakor. He says I don’t understand your relations, have the sandwich. She refuses. He says child can get hungry, have it. She asks him not to worry. He says my sister is also stubborn like you. She asks him to feed it to his sister. He says I don’t know where is she, I did not meet her since long. She eats the sandwich. She asks him to ask conductor, how much time will it take. She prays for Suraj and Chakor.

Suraj and Chakor have food at dhaba. He asks her not to be angry. She says I m sorry, I scolded you a lot. He says don’t say sorry soon, you will scold me more. She asks why. He says I m going to tell something, I have no money. She asks what, you have no money and having a feast here. He asks her not to shout, She says you killed my hunger. He says I have to steal someone’s purse to pay bill. He goes. She asks him to stop. He comes back and gives her phone. She says whom to call. He says just do as I say.

She says I can’t do this. He asks her to think, else you have to wash utensils for 2 days. She says you should have told this before. He asks her not to do overacting. He signs and they start arguing. He says I m ruined by marriage, you made my life hell. She says you made my life hell, you broke my trust, you are fraud. He holds her and says I did not cheat you, sometimes person has to reach depth of the matter, you are cheat. She says you had illegitimate relation with my sister, I m ashamed to call you my husband. A man says see he has done such shameful thing.

Suraj asks the men not to marry. She asks him to leave. He goes. She asks them to see this man, he does not know respecting women. The man gives her bill. She says my shameless husband has money, wait I will get it. He says you can’t go this way. She says you don’t trust me, take this phone, sell it if I don’t come back. She goes. He says this looks like my phone, they fooled us. They look for Chakor and Suraj. They hide in the truck and hear the driver saying they are going Lucknow. Suraj thinks Chakor’s love is hidden behind her anger. Chakor thinks I will first get free of Suraj so that I can fulfill my motive to shut gun factory.


Udaan 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chakor calls Suraj fraud and scolds him. Suraj says I m not father of Imli’s child, I was helpless and said that for Imli’s good. She gets shocked.


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