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Udaan 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor crying and thinking of Suraj. Suraj comes to her and sings Janam dekhlo…. She smiles. Mridula asks her where is she lost, Sanjay is standing here. She sees Suraj again and smiles. She does the tilak and aarti of Sanjay. Upadhyay and Radheshyam congratulate each other. Chakor walks ahead alone. Mahiya…..plays…

Suraj sits drinking. He imagines Chakor and asks where did you go. He falls down and sees her gone. He looks for her. He shouts and asks who has removed this phone wire. Tejaswini comes and asks what happened. He says I m getting mad for Chakor, someone has removed phone wire, Chakor would be calling anyone of you on landline, how will we know if she called. She says I don’t know who removed the wire. Suraj fixes the wire.

Chakor walks on the road in rain and recalls Imli’s words. Chakor says no, Imli is lying, he can’t do this. Ranvijay comes and asks her what is she doing, she can get hurt. They come to a dhaba. He asks her to have the magical dudh jalebi. Girja gets down the bus. Ranvijay says you were roaming alone on road, you fight for other’s right, you looked like an innocent girl finding way home, I will suggest you to stay here, this society needs brave girls like you, is everything fine at home, where do you stay. She says Aazaadgunj, but I can’t go back there. He asks are you from Aazaadgunj. She nods. She says Divya’s marriage is happening, I should go. He says you don’t know the routes, I will drop you. He takes her to the jeep. Girja says I have to pray for Suraj and Chakor. Girja sees her and gets shocked. Chakor leaves. Girja asks her to stop. She smiles and says Suraj, I got Chakor.

Its morning, Chakor thinks of Suraj. Divya’s bidaai is done. Chakor imagines Suraj singing main yahan hoon….. she smiles seeing him. He stabs her. She screams. Divya holds her and asks are you fine. Chakor says yes and hugs her. Divya leaves. Chakor talks to Imli and says Suraj loves me, he can’t do this, why will he take my life. Imli smiles and says Suraj wants to become bigger than his dad, he made plan to kill you, never come back here, this place is very dangerous for you, you are safe in Banaras, stay there. Chakor asks how do you know I m in Banaras. Imli says you told me, don’t come back here, why will I lie to you, I can give my life for you, Suraj never loved you. Chakor cries,

Suraj says I will get Chakor back. Tejaswini asks where will you find her. Imli comes to him. Suraj says I will find her everywhere, I will come back here if I get her, else I will never return.

Chakor gets dizzy. Mridula takes her home. Suraj says I don’t want to hear anyone, even if she died, I have to see her dead body. Chakor calls home. Suraj hears the ring. Mridula says you need rest, let doctor come. Imli says who joined the telephone wire. Suraj answers Girja’s call. Doctor checks Chakor and says you are pregnant. Chakor gets shocked. Suraj asks are you saying true, did you see Chakor, she is in Banaras. He smiles. Imli gets shocked.


Udaan 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Doctor says you got hurt, even then your baby is fine, its a miracle. Suraj says I will go and get Chakor. Radheshyam asks Chakor to give good news to her husband. Suraj comes to Banaras. Chakor says my husband tried to kill me.


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