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Udaan 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor travelling in the truck. They start arguing. She asks him why did he lie to have food. He says you would have not been able to walk without food, you can pay money at dhaba later. He falls over her. She asks him not to stick to her. He says the same to her. Ragini asks goon to go after Chakor. Suraj sees Chakor sleeping and dropping her head. He sits beside her and gives a shoulder. She holds him. He thinks such an innocent face, she becomes wild cat seeing me. The truck stops. She wakes up and sees Suraj beside. She says stay away.

He says you were resting on my shoulder. She says fine, find out why truck stopped. He says maybe driver went to loo, I will also go. She says see that PCO, we will go and call Ajay, he will send some help. They get down the truck.

Kids scold Pakhi for complaining to Bhuwan. The boy pulls her hair. She throws sand on them and runs. The boy takes gun. She says its not a gun and tries to snatch. They shoot. Vivaan comes and asks who gave this gun to you, is this a toy, who are your parents. Pakhi says I was explaining them, person can die by bullet, they are not understanding. He says fine, don’t touch this again, go. He tells Ragini that they have to keep security, kids are playing with gun, She says it does not matter, I have a good news, we got the cheque, check it. He smiles and says its nearly one crore, its money earned by own.

Chakor and Suraj enter PCO. She gets the coin by hitting phone. Suraj asks what’s this, Chakor is stealing. She says no, I m taking loan, I m going to call Ajay, he can help us, but I don’t remember his number. He laughs and says I was thinking you remember his number in few days friendship, I will call Imli and ask her if Ajay troubled her. He does not remember Imli’s number. She asks what happened, don’t you remember. He says you call her, you would remember.

Ajay asks Imli to get down the bus. They get down the bus. She says we can’t go back. He says don’t know where they are, maybe they are coming here by lift. She asks what shall we do, stay here or go back to Aazaadgunj. He says Chakor’s number is not rachable. Chakor calls her. Imli asks where are you, we were trying to call you. Chakor says Suraj and I are together and fine. Imli’s phone gets dead. Ajay says maybe she lost her phone, atleast we got info they are safe. Imli says she will be safe with Suraj, they love each a lot. Ajay recalls them.

Imli says there is no use to go Lucknow, we should go back to Aazadgunj. Ajay says I called driver, he has come. Imli thinks its cool weather, I got the car, I wish Suraj and Chakor get some help. It starts raining. Suraj asks Chakor to stay inside PCO. She asks why do you care for me.

He says it matters. She says you had relation with my sister, you try to come close to me in her absence, I did not see such a cheap man in my life. He says I m not cheap and fraud, I didn’t do anything. She says you made Imli pregnant. He says I m not father of Imli’s child, I was helpless to say that for Imli’s sake. She laughs and says you lie a lot, what shall I believe, you broke my trust, now I don’t want to stay with you. Mahiya….plays… Suraj sees goons and makes her sit. She says let me go. He says goon is outside, sit here. She says I think you are lying again. He says I don’t lie, the day you believe this, all your hatred will change into love. She says that day will never come. He asks her to make fun of him, world will give example of our love and write our names on wall like this way. She says our name won’t be written anywhere, lovers names are written, I hate you. He says lie, you don’t hate me, you love me a lot, you are angry.

She says I hate you a lot. He says but I can’t hate you. She asks why did you hate me, why did you punish me, I will always hate you. She beats him. He says hate me as much as you want, but I love you and will always do. He kisses on her forehead. Mahiya…..plays……

Goon knocks and asks them to come out. Suraj says what do you want now, we have nothing. They open the door and point gun. Chakor asks why are you troubling us. She gets dizzy and tells Suraj. Suraj holds her. She faints. Goon says she was fine just now, wake her up. Suraj asks Chakor to open eyes.


Udaan 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suraj says my Chakor died because of you and cries. Vivaan gets shocked seeing a man and asks how did you get saved, tell me. Vivaan points gun at Ragini. She gets shocked.