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Udaan 14th March 2017 Written Update Preview


In the Udaan 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update you read Pakhi laughs and says this black dot wards off bad sight, everyone apply black dot, tell me name. Suraj does not know. She asks address. He tells address. She says I understood whom you are finding, those three kids are very naughty. He says yes, a lot, see they disappeared, tell me where to get them. She says we may find them,but my legs got tired. He asks won’t you help me. She says no, I can help you, make me sit on your shoulder. He says fine, you also use the chance, come sit on shoulder. He lifts her and asks where to go now. She guides him.

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Pakhi says we reached here. Suraj sees the haveli. He thinks kids are in haveli. Wind blows. Chakor says what happened to weather, my heart feels light, why do I feel like Suraj is around, I m talking filmi, he would be working now. Suraj says my fate is bad, did kids come to haveli. I can’t go inside, why did kids come here. Pakhi says they came to steal. He asks what. She says they want to steal from Bhaiya ji’s room. She sees guards and asks Suraj to hide.

Chakor goes to kitchen and sees Imli cutting fruits. Imli says doctor asked me to have fruits if I have to conceive, Vivaan has sent fruits crates for me. Chakor thinks of Vivaan’s words. Imli says the child will be sign of our love. Chakor thinks Vivaan did not tell her that he can’t become a father. She says there is much tension going on, its not fine to think about baby. Imli says yes, if I fight with him, he will leave me, so I decided not to fight with him, I lost child once, I want a child now. Chakor says everything will get fine. Imli says yes, Vivaan promised me he will never do wrong thing. Chakor hugs her.

Chakor says I will call Chagan and ask about Suraj. She hears Suraj and runs to see. Suraj stops Pakhi. Chakor looks out of balcony and says did I go mad, why am I thinking so much. Suraj asks Pakhi how will you divert guards alone. Pakhi says I have my army and calls kids. She tells her plan and fights. She signs Suraj. Suraj smiles. Guards come to stop kids’ fight. Suraj goes inside haveli. Chakor asks Chagan, what Suraj is missing from village, how can he leave. She enters room and gets shocked seeing Suraj. Suraj smiles.

On Udaan 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update you will see  Suraj says I will explain everything, I came to find three kids, they came to get their mum’s ring from Bhaiya ji, they are in this haveli. Chakor asks Imli to find kids fast and take them out of haveli. Bhaiya ji enters his room and sees the room messed up.. To Read Udaan 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Stay Tune With Us .

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