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Udaan 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor winking to Suraj and saying tell them I died. Suraj asks what. He does drama and says my Chakor died, her breath stopped, she got a heart attack by fear. He asks the goon why did he get after Chakor. Goon says we did not wish to kill her, we had to kidnap her. Suraj beats them. He fights with them. Chakor picks the gun and hits goon. He gives gun to Suraj and gets the car. Suraj locks goons inside pco and gets in the car.

Suraj says what an idea, so I love you a lot. She asks him to stop talking of love now. He says the journey story is saying something else. He compliments her beauty. She says you started again. He asks when did you learn driving, you are driving well. She asks why, can just you do everything, can’t I do anything. He says no, I don’t know anything than loving you, I wish to kiss you, your hands, legs and mind are busy in driving, I should use this chance. She says stay away, if you come close, I will hit car. He says I will come close. She stops the car and says we can’t unite now, why don’t you understand, you have no right on me, stay away. He says fine, this is goon’s car, it will have something illegal. He gets wine bottle.

She asks him not to drink, else he can’t drive. He says you are driving. She says I will just drive till half way. He says fine, I have a condition, till you drive, I will see you, you won’t stop me, fine. She says fine, throw the bottle. He asks how to throw it. He jokes. He insists and drinks some wine.

Its morning, Suraj sits staring at Chakor, while she is sleeping. He thinks when Chakor is with me, I feel I m seeing some dream, I wish this dream does not end ever. He blocks sunlight. He recalls her words, Mahiya….plays…. she wakes up and sees Suraj. She asks where are we. He says Lucknow. She says great, we reached Lucknow, thanks, you go for your work, I will do mine, take the car. He says we are away from Lucknow, the car got punctured. Suraj’s friends see them. Suraj says Sunil and Vicky, what are you guys doing here, I was going Lucknow, my car punctured. His friend asks who’s the girl, did you intentionally puncture the tyre. Suraj introduces Chakor as his wife. She says no, ex wife.

They ask her to come, they will drop them. Chakor says no, why to trouble. Suraj says Lord has sent help, the goons car can be of theft, just sit and smile, your smile is lovely. They leave. Vivaan says yes, I m coming godown. A man comes in front of his car. Vivaan asks are you blind. He gets shocked and recalls shooting the man when he misbehaved with Ranjana.

He says how can this man be alive, I shot him. The man sees him and runs. Vivaan catches him. He says I have seen you dead, how did you get saved, tell me truth. He gets the man to Ragini. She gets shocked seeing him. Vivaan throws the guns crates and pick a gun. He points gun at Ragini and asks how did this man get alive, you said he is dead. Ragini says the gun by which you shot had fake bullets, he was alive. Vivaan says what, even then you told me I killed him, I lived in guilt, tell me truth, else I will kill you, I can bear anything, but not cheat, I did not forgive my Imli, then who are you.

She cries and says fine, shoot me if you think I cheated you, I did mistake to support you when Imli loved you, I did this to boost your confidence, I gave this gun in your hand, I m your sister, not enemy, if you think I cheated you, shoot me, Ranjana and I did this to give you powers, you were shattered.

Suraj’s friends tell Chakor what Suraj used to do in college. She asks where did you guys meet. Suraj says leave it, stop at any dhaba, we are hungry. The guy says we went to take wine, shop owner said we are not adults, Suraj pointed gun and ordered wine, he did miracle, maybe you saw a miracle by him so you fell in love with you. She says I saw one miracle and fell in love, then saw other miracle and left him. The guy says someone is following us, did you do anything. Suraj and Chakor see the goons following and worry.


Udaan 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The guy asks Suraj to come in party. Suraj and Chakor come in the party.