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Udaan 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Udaan 15th November 2017 Episode Start With Imli asking Bhaiya ji to go and see Chakor dying. He laughs and praises her. He goes to see Chakor. She eats kheer. Chakor asks Suraj, Tejaswini and Kasturi to go downstairs, she will be fine. They refuse to go. Chakor says you go downstairs, I m just tired, I will get fine. Tejaswini says fine, tell me if you need anything. Suraj says I will be here. Imli comes and looks on. Chakor says I won’t be able to sleep if you are here, take them and go. Imli says I will stay with her, trust me, I will take care. They go. She says I will get some food and goes. Bhaiya ji comes. Imli asks him to see his enemy dying. Chakor sleeps. Bhaiya ji smiles and asks Chakor did you die, its good death to die in sleep, go there and thank me. He laughs and sits to make pegs to celebrate her death. He says second peg is for my wish turning true.

He asks Lord not to give soul peace to Chakor, he did a lot to kill her. He says I wish I would know its easy to kill you, you died by some poison in kheer, why did I spoil my hands, every story ends, your story came to an end, I will go and play dhol, Lord don’t bring her in my life in next birth. He drinks wine and observes silence for her. He dances and goes. Kasturi says I have an advice, Chakor is pregnant, someone should care for her, I will take care to my house, her godh bharai will also be there. Imli likes the suggestion. Bhaiya ji comes downstairs playing dhol. He asks them what happened, why are they upset, Suraj got Chakor back to haveli, and she is pregnant, its thing of happiness, you all are worried, its fine if Chakor fainted, its normal in this state, I m becoming Dada, I will dance. Suraj says don’t making noise, Chakor is resting.

Bhaiya ji says you are talking to would be Dada, you also celebrate. He goes to Imli and says I m celebrating Chakor’s death. Pakhi says everyone see, Chakor has come. Dhol breaks. Bhaiya ji gets shocked seeing her. Suraj asks are you fine, is there anything that you fainted. Chakor says I m fine. Kasturi says I told Suraj that pregnant women need much care. Chakor says we will end this function, Bhaiya ji has celebrated a lot, is he done. He asks Suraj to drop Kasturi home. Kasturi asks her to stay with her. Chakor says sure, but you go now. People bless Chakor and leave.

Chakor goes to Bhaiya ji. She gets the kheer bowl. He gets shocked. She says you said very good things upstairs, you touched my heart, you failed to kill me, I didn’t know you have stabbed me, thanks for telling me. He gets shocked.

She says you have stabbed me to death and threw me in river, it was Lord’s blessing that I got saved. He looks around. He asks were you acting to faint. She says same acting as your acting of happiness, Suraj is finding that person, I didn’t tell him as he would kill that person, just think if Suraj knew this, the haveli would have celebrations of your death. He says you are lying, how will you prove. She says I have proof, here it is. She shows the kheer. She says this poisoned kheer, you wanted me to eat this, it will be enough for you. Everyone come back. Chakor says this kheer is really good, I want you to have this, you have to eat it by my hands. He gets shocked.


Udaan 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Imli asks Chakor did you find anything. Chakor shows the ring and says its Bhaiya ji’s ring, once its proved, then it can become big proof.

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