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Udaan 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor saying everything got burnt. She packs her bags. Suraj says I won’t let you go anywhere. She cries and says husband, love, family, do you meaning of all these, you married me and took vows, one of the vows was husband will not see any other woman, you lost the right of being husband by breaking the vow, so you have no right to stop me. Suraj tries to stop her. She asks him why is he showing worry for her, when he did not worry before. She says stay happy with Imli, the room is yours now, I m leaving. He takes her to temple.

He says you want to leave me and not understand the depth of relations, we have to recall the seven vows, you have to understand the truth in my eyes. He holds diya and says if I did mistake, our marriage can’t break, tell me Chakor, do you love me. She cries and says I love you a lot, I swear on this pure fire, I m leaving you, third person can’t be tolerated between two people, Imli is the third person between us. Imli and Ranjana come.

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Imli asks Chakor to forgive her and Suraj, don’t go. Chakor says if Vivaan and I did this, could you forgive me. Suraj comes in the way. Ranjana says these two sisters have no shame to do drama. Chakor says Suraj if you love me so much, tell me where did your love go when you were with Imli, our love, relation, you did not think anything. He says I know I did big mistake, I should be punished, but not this, you can’t leave me, you can punish me anything, don’t go. Chakor says you may not know, girl’s self respect is her husband’s love, you shattered my self esteem, if I stay here, I can’t pick those pieces, I should leave, you made me fall low, if I stay here, I will fall in my eyes, do you want this. Suraj moves away and hits his hand. Imli shouts Suraj. Chakor stops. She cries and leaves.

Suraj’s hand bleeds. Imli asks Suraj why did you not stop Chakor, you both got separated because of me, how can I forgive myself, why did you not let me stop Chakor, there is still time, go and stop her. Suraj wipes her tears and says stop crying, Chakor will not stop now, I insulted her love and hurt her self esteem. She says no, she can’t leave us. He says its not your mistake, its my mistake, I broke Chakor’s heart and should get punished.

Chakor walks to village. Agar tum saath ho plays…. She cries and thinks of Suraj. Suraj cries and thinks of her. He throws the vase and shouts Chakor…… Imli sees him and cries. Suraj runs upstairs. Vivaan picks the gun and recalls Imli’s words. He drops gun and goes. Ragini calls him out. Imli recalls Suraj’s words and Vivaan. Vivaan throws money and shouts. Suraj shuts the room door and cries. Vivaan sits crying in his workplace. Chakor picks her bag and walks ahead.


Udaan 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chakor says I have no husband and sister now, I got alone. Vivaan says Imli is your mistress. Suraj and Vivaan fight. Imli picks her and Vivaan’s pic. Vivaan tears the pic. She cries.


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