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Udaan 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vivaan reacting on hearing Tejaswini say about baby. Chakor says I m sure there is some problem, go and see Vivaan. Suraj goes and asks Vivaan is everything fine, what happened. Chakor asks Imli what’s the problem. Imli lies about Vivaan and her little fight. Suraj asks just this little thing to not keep her phone on charging. Vivaan says yes, its impossible to understand women. Suraj says no, I can see Chakor’s eyes and know what’s in her heart.

Vivaan says every girl is not such and everyone’s fate is not such. He thinks to find out why Imli cheated him. Chakor tells Imli that she knows Vivaan, he is her childhood friend. Imli shouts and asks her to stop giving Gyaan, it does not mean she is more smarter, don’t show as if she knows Vivaan more than her. She speaks rudely and goes. Chakor says how did she talk, what happened to her.

Its night, Vivaan gets Imli to room and throws her down. Vivaan asks her why did she lie to him, when did she lose their child, why did she hide this. Imli cries and says even I lost my child, I did not do anything, I did not fall, I was not hurt, I did not have any wrong medicine, I swear on Maai, a morning came and my child left me, my child not call me, didn’t move and went, don’t know how and when. She laughs and cries. He scolds her and says you are laughing, our baby went, you are cheating me since 40 days, you thought you will get someone else’s child and give in my lap. She slaps him and asks how dare you talk to me this way. He slaps her and says liar, cheater, you felt you will act mad and slap me, I will trust you, your plan was to cheat me with someone else’s child. She says no, I was helpless, because of you. He looks at her and asks what nonsense. She says you left me at mum’s place and joined Ragini, you started drinking and joined wrong work, I was glad that you came back, I thought what will you go back to that hell, so I have done all this.

Vivaan says lie, how shall I believe that you did this for me, you should have told Chakor, Kasturi or Suraj, who took all blames on his head, everyone would have understood none can deny fate, what’s the truth, you are lying. She says I m saying truth, I lost my second child, I can’t lose you now, I have no strength in me. He pushes her on bed and says you wanted to cheat me, this doesn’t happen, you did big mistake, you lost me along with child, you lost my trust and everything. She says no. She stops him and says you can’t leave me, I request you, I accept I did big mistake, forgive me, you don’t like tears in my eyes, I will not cry, I promise, don’t leave me. She shows their pic and says we got this clicked when you took me out after marriage, its beautiful pic, see this room. He says I never imagined you will cheat me, I don’t want to stay with you. She says you can’t end everything. She recalls their moments.

She reminds him the moment. He angrily throws the cream bottle at the mirror and breaks it. He says all memories with this mirror ended. She asks him not to go and holds his leg. He asks her to leave him and pushes her away. He says I hate you and goes. She recalls Vivaan’s words and cries.


Udaan 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Imli says you can’t leave me, I will not let you go. Suraj shows moon to Chakor. Chakor asks Suraj to get away. He asks her not to talk of separation ever, else he will seal her mouth with his lips. They smile.


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