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Udaan 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Updates of Udaan on

The Episode starts with Chakor and Suraj smiling on seeing each other. Imli worries and sends goon. Chakor walks to Suraj. The goon comes behind her and aims gun. Suraj gets shocked and recalls Imli’s words. He aims gun at the goon. Chakor gets shocked seeing Bhaiya ji’s goons with Suraj. She recalls Imli’s words and runs. The goons hide the gun. Suraj asks Chakor to stop. A man stops him to pay for loss. Suraj misses Chakor. He says Chakor saw me and ran away. Imli says I know this, how much you will run after her, you got insulted, what did you get, she is not ready to see your face. He says no, she can’t do this with me, she has to meet me and answer me.

Chakor hugs Mridula and cries telling about Suraj. She says how can he try to kill me, he pointed gun at me, how can he do this, such a big cheat. Radheshyam asks her not to think all this, they are with her. She says no, this can’t happen. She runs. Girja says Chakor is staying with pandit Radheshyam. Suraj says I have to meet Chakor, Imli come fast. Imli says don’t be mad, she doesn’t want to meet you. He says its about my life and love, I want to ask her why she left me, if she tells me she doesn’t want to stay with me, I will not see her. Girja gets dizzy. Suraj asks the men to get water. He says you helped us a lot, go to your sister. He goes.

Goon asks what to do now. Imli says I have to play a last trick cleverly, if Suraj and Imli unite, all my hardwork will go waste. Chakor cries thinking of Suraj. Suraj is on the way and thinks of her.

She sees a shadow and shuts window. She gets scared. She goes to see. She sees Imli. Imli starts her drama. She says Suraj got to know you are staying here, come with me. Chakor says no, I have to face Suraj, even if die today, I have to tell him something. Imli asks what is the matter. Chakor says I m pregnant. Imli gets shocked. Suraj comes there and shouts Chakor. Chakor says I will talk to him, I will ask him what mistake I did, I will tell him he is going to become a father, I will see what he says. Suraj enters the house. Imli asks Chakor to stop. Radheshyam says Chakor is not here. Suraj says open the door. Imli asks Chakor not to risk her baby’s life, Suraj will kill you. Suraj breaks the door and enters. He doesn’t see Chakor. Imli smiles. Chakor runs away. She reaches a godown. She falls asleep.

Imli calls her. Chakor says I was tired of running and slept. Imli asks where are you. Chakor says I m in a godown, Suraj can’t reach here. Imli says he will not sit quiet, I will try to stop him. She asks the goons to get ready to go to Lanka, there is Raavan’s sister. He calls Bhaiya j and says if Suraj knows Chakor is pregnant, we can’t separate them, so I took a big decision. Bhaiya ji asks can you kill Chakor. She says I have no option, if Suraj and Chakor know my truth, then they won’t leave me. Suraj asks Imli to come, they will find Chakor. Imli acts good to him. He says we will start with Lanka, I will find Chakor today. Chakor prays to Lord and says Suraj loves me and he wants to kill me too. Suraj comes and says heart wants loyalty from love, but its tough to say what one gets from love. Chakor turns and sees him. Mahiya….plays….


Udaan 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Goons attack Chakor. She shouts Suraj and runs.


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