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Udaan 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Chakor Challenges Imli


Udaan 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Udaan 19th December 2017 Episode Start With ladies requesting Imli to let them meet their daughters. Imli scolds them and counts her favors. The lady says we heard our daughters will never come back to us. Imli kicks the lady angrily. She asks who said this to you, I will see, your daughters are fine, leave before I do something else. They leave. Chakor teaches the children. She makes Bhuvan and Kasturi practice too. The villagers look on and get interested. Chagan also joins them.

Chakor teaches him how to defend. He gets hit on his head. Kaki stops Gauri and says this is not women’s work. The women come back and say even Chakor is a woman, we have to fight with haveli, we will not bear this more, we will also learn fighting. Chakor smiles and gives them sticks to practice. She encourages them for a good future. She says I m very happy as their self confidence is awakening, everyone will stand with us. Kasturi feels proud of her.

Chakor chants their goals. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…..plays…. Ranvijay asks Imli not to take tension. She says the village ladies came here and angered me. He says I have a good news. She sees Girja hearing them and scolds her. She asks him what’s the news. He shows her a file and says we got a big order. She gets glad and says I like this about you, you always end my tensions. He hugs her.

Chakor says we want an open place for practice. A man announces about the Shivratri puja. He says everyone will get food and prasad in temple, everyone has to come there. He goes. Chakor asks what is Imli planning by this puja. Kasturi says don’t know, she keeps a big puja and feeds food to everyone. Chagan says yes, she keeps a doctor there for treating ill people. Suraj comes there and pastes some posters. Imli arrives. Everyone chants her name.

Chakor asks Imli what’s this puja and free food, treatment, what does this warning mean, if anything happens to someone, doctor won’t be responsible, what’s your planning, tell me. Imli asks did you go mad, you always interfere in my work. Chakor says I will find out why you are doing all this. Imli tears the posters. She asks Chakor to leave from the village. Chakor says Suraj will get his memory some day, I will not leave from here, I went to jail with some dream, I came back with the same dream, I will ruin you and your mad husband’s evil rule here, I will never leave from my birthplace, see what I do staying here, I will free the village.

Imli laughs and says I m a MP now, I m Imli Devi, the day you know my powers, you will leave taking flight for your dreams, I know I will win, still you can try to win over me.


Udaan 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suraj says Chakor can’t do anything, I will keep an eye on Chakor. Chakor argues with Suraj about Imli. He holds her neck. They fall down. Mahiya….plays….

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