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Udaan 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor and Imli joining hands to unite Suraj and Vivaan. Chakor says we can become their bridge, if we go somewhere together, then we can do much. Imli says yes, but they are not talking. Chakor says we have to make some excuse to unite them. Chakor asks Suraj to go with Vivaan. He refuses. She says I told Imli, Suraj’s ego will not make him go out for lunch with Vivaan, it was Vivaan’s mistake, Suraj can’t take a step. Imli says Suraj is ready to meet you and patch up even when you insulted him. Vivaan asks how can this happen.

Imli says you expect me to make relations better, when you are not ready to patch up with him. Chakor says I will say Suraj’s heart is not so big to forgive Vivaan. She thinks my plan failed. He stops her. She thinks her plan passed. Suraj says fine, tell this to Imli, next time make good rehearsals for your plan, I don’t like getting friendly with Vivaan, but I can’t see you sad, I will come along but I have a condition. He makes her wear dupatta over head and says marry me. She smiles.

He says my mum came back to this haveli, Bhaiya ji will change, I think we should marry again. Chakor holds his hand and says I also want this, but what’s the hurry. He says I can’t stay alone, I want to be with you. She thinks Suraj and Vivaan’s friendship is necessary, she can’t give a chance to Bhaiya ji to break them. She says fine, I will marry you, I have a condition, you have to go on lunch with Vivaan. He says you are smart, fine but will Vivaan come. Vivaan says I will come, but will you forgive me. Imli says I don’t know. She says forgive me once, I can sacrifice anything for you. She says no, small happiness is much for me, come for lunch with him. Vivaan says maybe this small happiness gives big happiness, I m ready, tell me when to come. Imli smiles.

Chakor and Imli come out and see Suraj and Vivaan standing far. Imli says they can’t get along. Chakor says they will become best friends till night. Suraj and Vivaan argue over driving the car. Chakor says enough, I will drive the car. Imli says yes, I will sit with you, you two sit back. They leave. Chakor sings Leja leja….. She signs Imli. Suraj looks at them. Chakor says this is my fav film. Imli says yes, I also like it. They talk of two brothers in the movie. Suraj asks her to take left route. Vivaan says there are many pits, take right. Suraj says I will drive. Vivaan says Imli and I will get down. Suraj says fine, get down. Chakor asks them to stop it, else they will drop them down. They reach the hotel.

Chakor says I want to have Manchurian. Suraj asks he to get it. Vivaan says it will be spicy for Imli. Suraj taunts. Chakor says Vivaan is right, what about fried rice. Vivaan says it will be good. Suraj says I don’t like it. Vivaan taunts. Waiter gets soup. Chakor says we did not order. Waiter says its complimentary from our side. Chakor says Vivaan’s handmade soup was more tasty right. Suraj says yes, it would be smelling of wine. Chakor steps on his foot. She says we should think boy and girl names, we will keep boy name Akash and girl name…. Suraj says Dharti…. Vivaan says please, you don’t need to worry, I got baby names list from internet, we will keep what Imli likes.

A man comes and sees Suraj. Suraj says I got family today. The man says everyone knows you, you remember you got much drunk and did our hotel loss. Vivaan smiles and says Chakor, I think we have to pay for others’ loss. Suraj says fine, you don’t have to raise other’s child. Vivaan gets angry.

He asks him to be in his senses and talk, drunkard. Suraj says I m drunkard, but managed others even in drunken state, unlike you. They hold each other’s collars. Chakor and Imli ask them to leave. Chakor worries.

Chakor and Imli come home. Imli eats food. She says plan failed, my baby was hungry, Vivaan was busy in fight, how will you unite them. Chakor says how did they get much anger and hatred. Bhuvan says they have hatred since childhood, Suraj was angry and egoistic, Vivaan changed with time. Kasturi says he is right, Tejaswini gave Vivaan drugs and ruined his life, Ranjana kicked Tejaswini out of haveli. Bhuvan says yes, this bitterness won’t end soon, its good they stay under one roof, their annoyance can end. Kasturi says yes, its not necessary that it happens in front of everyone. Chakor says we four have to get united else Bhaiya ji will win.


Udaan 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suraj gets Chakor’s letter. Vivaan gets a letter from Imli. Chakor says once they get together, we can fight with Bhaiya ji. Suraj and Vivaan meet.