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Udaan 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor seeing Suraj with the girls. Alisha asks him to drink. Suraj refuses. Alisha asks him what happened, did he forget how amazing he was. She makes him drink. The guy asks Chakor to leave Suraj and come for dance. Chakor dances with the guy. Suraj sees her and dances with Alisha. Kaisi pehli….plays…..Chakor collides with the goon. She says sorry and goes.

Ragini says oh so she is partying, great, be careful, she is with inspector, what, inspector is not there, who is with her, send me pic, don’t do anything till I say, none should doubt that I m behind Chakor’s death. Goon takes Suraj’s pic and sends to Ragini. Chakor sees him clicking pics and asks him why is he clicking their pic. She scolds Suraj for dancing with someone else. Suraj asks what happened, do you problem with my dance, you maybe feeling bad that I m not dancing with you. She says no, do anything, leave me. He asks are you jealous. She argues with Alisha. Alisha says I m Suraj’s wife. Chakor gets shocked. Suraj signs no. Chakor asks what did you say, Suraj’s wife.

Alisha says yes, you heard it right, we got married here. She asks Suraj to say. Chakor goes. Suraj goes after her. Ragini gets angry. She gets pic and says what’s Suraj doing with Chakor, I can’t harm her, I had to get her killed today, she went with Ajay, how did she get Suraj.

Ajay comes to haveli. Ragini asks how did you come here. He says I wanted to know if you saw Chakor anywhere. She says I don’t know, do you think I m her servant. He asks her to control her anger and goes. She says I have to see him first. She calls goon and asks him not to get scared of Suraj, do your work, Ajay is here. She says Chakor, Ajay and Vivaan will get off my way now and smiles.

Suraj tells Chakor that Alisha is not his wife. She scolds him. He says is this jealousy or anger, Chakor will come to me by this jealousy. Suraj goes on stage. The girl Mona flirts with him. Suraj hugs her. Chakor looks on. He says my wife left me, I m a bachelor again. He dances with the girls on Dil ne dooba dooba……. Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi ……..

Suraj sees Chakor getting jealous. He dances with the girls. Mona shows the tattoo on her back. Chakor pushes her and scolds her. Mona says why shall I get shy to Suraj, after all he is my husband. Chakor gets shocked and scolds Suraj, asking how many more wives he has. Suraj’s friend welcomes marathon runner Chakor on stage, she is Suraj’s ex wife, why did Suraj leave Chakor, I feel Suraj did big mistake. Suraj makes Chakor wear the garland. Everyone clap. Suraj says everyone feels I left Chakor, truth is I can never leave Chakor, she is my wife, my life, Chakor, my wild cat. Mahiya……plays….. Chakor removes garland and says thanks, I don’t need this, maybe many girls wanted to become Suraj’s wife, anyone can take my place now.


Udaan 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chakor says I feel angry on myself to love a man like you. Ragini asks the man to do what she told him. The man signs goon to kill Chakor.

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