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Udaan 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Suraj saying I will ruin everything. Tejaswini raises hand on him and stops. She asks him how can he lose so soon. Imli says this is not a right way to come out of this problem. Suraj says either I have to end myself or Chakor. He says I can’t stay without Chakor, she does not want to live with me, why is she playing with me. Imli says we will find some way, I promise I will get her back. Suraj says she won’t come, she told me. Tejaswini says I think Chakor has come back, I know how.

Bhaiya ji says sorry if Chakor did not want to marry Suraj because of me, I will pay for my mistake and apologize to Chakor. Tejaswini asks him to come. He says no, I will go alone, I will beg to her. Imli says we three should go in and convince her. He says Chakor is annoyed with me, you both stay here, just pray that she agrees. Tejaswini says he is saying right. Imli thinks he is acting and when he comes out, he will play some other drama. He goes to Chakor and says I got this shagun for you. She asks what shagun, why did you come, when are you releasing the kids. He says if you did as I said, I will also keep my words, kids are enjoying see. He shows a video. She sees the kids working and gets angry on him for making them do labor work. She asks what shall I do to get them free. He says you know me and laughs.

Imli thinks he would be threatening Chakor. Chakor throws the shagun out. She pushes Bhaiya ji and says I don’t want to become Rajvanshi family bahu, I hate you and don’t want to see your face, get out. He acts. Chakor shuts the door. He sheds crocodile tears. Imli asks Tejaswini to take him to haveli, she will talk to Chakor and come. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji leave,

Chakor says he promised to free kids and then changed his words, I have no way to free the kids, I have to do what he wants, else he will kill or sell those kids. Imli asks till when will you do this, he got shagun for you to act good, I know he came to scare you, he proved you are bad. Chakor says I m ready to become bad to save the kids. Imli says there is a way, tell truth to Suraj, then you both will become a shield and face Bhaiya ji. Chakor says I thought about this, Bhaiya ji threatened me, if Suraj knows truth, kids will go missing. Imli thinks Bhaiya ji is playing this game with Chakor, I will play a game with him, else everything will finish.

Servant tells Bhaiya ji that Chakor’s drama to save village will end now. Bhaiya ji laughs. He pays money to the servant, asking him to enjoy. Vivaan comes and says even I want to enjoy. Bhaiya ji asks what’s this. Vivaan says you have much money to give servants. He asks her to sign the cheque for his company, you won’t have any share in my company, you won’t ask the money back. Bhaiya ji gets shocked. He says if I don’t do this then. Vivaan says then you have two option, you want to see Suraj as minister and you want to send him away. Bhaiya ji says you are playing a good game. He signs on the cheque and papers. Vivaan goes. Bhaiya ji thinks once Suraj comes out of Chakor’s hands, I will show father is a father. Chakor and Suraj think of each other. Main jo tera…..plays…. Imli sees Suraj and thinks I will not give Bhaiya ji a chance to ruin their live, they will be coming to help.

Harry finds a ring. Sejal asks did you get it. He says its the ring you were finding. She says no, this is not that one. He says then whose ring is it, whoever gave this ring to anyone, would be very loving. Sejal takes ring to Suraj. Harry takes ring to Chakor. Sejal says every relation needs some efforts, find some way, maybe her love is finding you. Harry says you are big marathon runner and always won, why are you losing in love, like you fought for Aazaadgunj, fight for your love, you will win.


Udaan 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhaiya ji says if anyone tries to leave, shoot them. Harry says nothing ended till hope is alive, love is alive, go and say I love you. Sejal asks Suraj not to make love fight an ego fight. Sejal and Harry get Chakor and Suraj.


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