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Udaan 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Suraj saying its all a joke. Chakor says its good I came here, I got to know about your wives, I m angry to love you, its good we got divorced. He takes Chakor and says your biggest problem is you trust everyone except me. She says all girls are saying same. He says it was not marriage. She says I m leaving from here. She goes. He says go, I won’t stop you. Girls ask him to come. He gets angry and goes to drink. The goon informs Ragini that Chakor left alone. Ragini says great, make her reach the party from where none comes back. Chakor cries and says why does I care and cry for Suraj, Suraj can marry anyone.

The girl says there was a time when every girl of the college wanted to marry Suraj, we did not love him, we loved his name and money. Chakor says Suraj’s dream was to marry every girl. The girl says no, come sit, I will explain. Suraj says Chakor blamed me without knowing complete thing, how did she believe I married these girls, they love my money, Chakor truly loves me. His friends ask him why did you not tell us before, we would have not let her come here. Suraj says she believes other, not me, if I get drunk and put garland in anyone’s neck, will it be marriage.

Chakor asks what, did Suraj marry in drunken state. The girl says girls used to feed him wine and tell him that he married them, Suraj used to run from all girls. She introduces her husband. She tells Chakor that Suraj had love in his eyes. Suraj’s friend says Chakor had love in her eyes, she truly loves you. Suraj says then she would have not left me. The girl says Suraj truly loves you. She goes. Mahiya…..plays… Chakor says why did he not come after me, maybe he is drinking, I should not think this, I came to finish my work.

Vivaan asks what, you guys are still there, it will be our loss, what work will we give to villagers if we have no material, reach Ranchi there. Imli hears this and thinks material comes from Ranchi, it means Chakor and Ajay are sent to wrong place, I m feeling scared, how to get Vivaan out of this, I should tell this to Ajay. Suraj dances. Chakor calls him out and smiles. Suraj goes to her. He imagines her everywhere. Mahiya…..plays….. He asks Chakor to believe him, he just loves her.

Chakor is at some office. Kumar comes and asks did you want to meet me, what was the work that you came from Aazaadgunj. She says raw materials are supplied to Aazaadgunj. He says yes, toy guns are made. She says its a lie, real guns are being made by it, a gun factory started there, kids are forced to make guns. Ajay asks what, did you hear well. Imli says yes, Lucknow has nothing, I heard Vivaan.

Ajay says I was going for this work, I got the address from godown. Kumar asks how shall we believe you. She asks him to give his laptop, she can show him evidence. She shows him the photos. He says its an imp info, I should show it to my staff, sit here, I will just come. He goes. She thinks Vivaan and Ragini’s game is over, Ajay will be glad knowing this.

Ajay says that file was to divert us. Imli says no, it was for Chakor. Ajay says when I went to question Ragini, she was giving an order to someone on phone, I could not realize it, its a dangerous location, Chakor may reach there alone. She says Suraj is with her, how can she be alone. Kumar says Chakor has come, we are waiting for your order. Ragini says you have do what is told. Chakor says I should tell Ajay, none can save Vivaan and Ragini. Kumar says I told my staff, will you have tea or coffee. Chakor asks can I use your phone. He says sure. She calls Imli. A man takes a knife and cuts the telephone wire.

Imli asks where are you, are you fine, is your life in danger. Imli gives her phone to Ajay. Ajay asks constable to find our address fast. Chakor asks him to send Lucknow police to that address. He says we have to find out her location. Imli says yes, where is Suraj, I would have told him that Chakor’s life is in danger. Ajay says what will that drunkard go. She says he can give his life to save her. Suraj’s friends joke on Suraj and laugh.

Suraj asks for phone. He does not remember Imli’s number. He thinks and calls. He says sorry, its wrong number and tries another. Imli gets his call. Suraj asks are you fine, is Ajay with you. Imli asks is Chakor with you, where are you. Suraj says we came in reunion party, Chakor was here, now she is not here. She asks did she tell you anything. He says no, she went for her work. She thinks Chakor got trapped in Ragini’s plan. She says Chakor’s life is in danger, Ragini made plan to kill her. He gets shocked. A man adds poison in water.


Udaan 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chakor takes the water to drink. Suraj asks her not to drink that water, it has poison. She says I believe it does not have water. He says I have one way to prove my point, that I drink this water. He drinks water. Suraj falls down. Chakor gets shocked and shouts Suraj.