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Udaan 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor romancing. She says I have to make this house fine before I leave forever, I have to fix curtains. Imli is on the way and says Chakor has to answer me today. Suraj jokes on Chakor. She gets on stool to fix curtain and falls. Suraj holds her. They fall down. Imli comes there and sees them. She thinks she is enjoying here by ruining my life, maybe she didn’t say anything to Suraj, I will leave her tonight, I will see her tomorrow when she is alive, tomorrow she won’t see any Suraj. She goes. Suraj gets under Chakor’s dupatta. They have an eyelock. Mahiya….plays…..

Chakor says I think its going to rain, you should go. Suraj asks don’t you want to stop me, let me be here. She asks him to leave. He says you will regret a lot if I leave. She pushes him out of door and says I know you can never leave me, good night Suraj. She shuts door and smiles.

Vivaan coughs and tries to get free. He manages to open the rope and comes out of the cupboard. He sees Imli with the gun. He thinks she has gone mad and she can do anything, I have to run away. She comes to room and doesn’t see him hiding. He hides under the bed. Chakor thinks what did I do, and opens door to see Suraj. Suraj holds her hand. She says you are still here. He says I thought you will regret and come out to find me, so I stopped here, its a beautiful night, we are together, have loving hearts and loneliness, its like Lord heard our prayers and sent your parents.

She says you won’t change. He says I got what I wanted. He gets close and sneezes. She laughs and says you caught cold, come I will give you ginger tea. He says no need now. She asks him to think. Imli sleeps. Vivaan tries to get away. He goes out. She wakes up and switches on AC. He lookss for everyone to inform. He sees Imli and hides. He says I have one place to go now, Chakor’s place. He leaves. Imli hears the door sound and stops.

Chakor and Suraj have tea. She laughs. She gives him Bhuvan’s clothes. He asks will I wear this. She asks him not to do drama. He asks her to wear her mum’s clothes. She asks did you go mad, why will I wear mum’s clothes. He says if you laugh on me, I will also laugh on you. She says you are mad, don’t know how will I live life with you, change, else I will run. Imli is on the way and thinks Suraj is with Chakor, Imli has gone mad, I have to inform them, Chakor’s life is in danger. He tries taking lift and worries.


Udaan 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suraj and Chakor dance and smile. Adha hai chandrama…..plays…. Vivaan reaches the house. Imli hits on Vivaan’s head.


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