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Udaan 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Chakor walks inside thinking Sooraj’s marathon runner is reaching him. On the stairs, she hits Tejaswini who was holding a plate of bangles and worried that it was a bad omen. Chakor holds a bangle that was left unbroken and asks her to put this one on. Tejaswini blesses her and asks about Sooraj. Chakor goes looking for him and finds a pile of gifts in the room. She opens one of the boxes with a beautiful decoration, a couple dances on music in the glass. In the pile was a roll of note for Chakor, she tries to guess the riddle.

Chakor wonders what Sooraj wants her to guess. She thinks about Chagan. She smiles and goes to Chagan. Imli comes from behind and holding the decoration she was determined to end the love story of Sooraj and Chakor. She throws the decoration down on floor, breaking it. At Chagan’s house, there was another note with a clue; Chakor reaches the conlusion as Paakhi then goes towards Paakhi’s house. Outside there was another note, with the clue of well. Chakor reaches the well and finds another note, there was a board of direction with ‘Suraj loves Chakor’ and an arrow. She walks in the direction of arrow and reaches a decorated setting for two. She walks over the rose bed, there were floral decorations with colorful curtains. On a chair lay Suraj’s coat. She smiles hugging it. She calls Sooraj then turns to his voice. Sooraj stood behind her, smiling with his arms open….

She finds a note in the bottle, it reads she must close her eyes and he would be there in the next ten seconds. Chakor was angry and says she won’t close her eyes, he must come to her. She then agrees to close her eyes as the last of riddle else she would leave. She shuts her eyes. Soon there is smoke all around her. Chakor begins to count down. She opens her eyes to the venue filled with smoke, she turns around and was shocked to seea masked men approaching her from all directions.

They all wore black masks and held knives in hands. Another man with a black hat walks near her. She calls Sooraj but the man pulls the stabber and walks closer. Chakor was stabbed on her belly. The man pulls the stabber out of her body and stabs her again. Chakor fell onto the floor. The man throws the stabber and gloves beside her. He wore gold rings. Chakor screamed of pain calling Sooraj’s name and loses consciousness.


Udaan 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sooraj wonders why he feels Chakor is calling him. There at the venue, Kamal Narayan laughs that Chakor’s soul may be blessed. Imli reaches and asks if he killed Chakor. Kamal Narayan brings out a gun and says even Imli will have to die.


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