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Udaan 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor crying and thinking of Suraj. Suraj says I will go and find Chakor, she maybe in problem. Tejaswini says I m worried, just do the ritual. Chakor cries and sees Suraj. She says fate got me at this point, help me. She sees Suraj gone and cries. Suraj does the puja rituals alone. Chakor says sorry Pakhi, I love Suraj a lot, I can’t do this with Suraj this time. Kasturi says don’t know where did Chakor go, I told her not to think about kids, they are fine and happy. Bhuvan says engagement day does not come every day. Pakhi’s dad says she was much worried for the kids.

Chakor hides Suraj’s pic and comes. Kasturi hugs her and asks where did you go. Chakor says I want to be alone. Kasturi and Bhuvan ask her the matter. They go. Chakor cries and wears the roka chunri. She says I will not leave Suraj, he is my love and my life, he is my everything. She sees Pakhi’s drawing and says you gave me Suraj in gift, and see the fate’s game, I have to leave Suraj to save you all. She runs on the road and thinks Suraj and kids are on either side, whom shall I choose, there is no one to show me the way. Bhaiya ji stops her and asks her to decide fast, her sacrifice is the solution of this problem. He asks her to think of kids, this time your cleverness, pride and everything is ruined. He goes. Suraj looks for Chakor.

Imli stops Vivaan and says Kasturi called and said Chakor came home and then left, she is in problem, I will go and find her. Vivaan says you can’t go out. She says then you go and find her, please go. He says fine, I will go, promise you will rest. Vivaan sees Bhaiya ji coming. Bhaiya ji says poor girl could not keep coconut chadava, I will do rituals instead her. He gives the chadava and says Suraj did this puja alone always and he will always do this alone, I will not let Chakor stand with him. Vivaan gets shocked.

Bhaiya ji says Chakor did not get time to have prasad, I will have it. He does rituals and says I m very happy today, I have won, my way’s biggest thorn, I have thrown it, Aazaadgunj is just mine, my command will be followed here. Vivaan looks on. Bhaiya ji gets a call and says its happening as per our plan, I m coming, I will explain in detail. He leaves. Vivaan hides. Vivaan says I thought Bhaiya ji changed, but he is talking like before, it means he is planning something, I have to find out. He leaves.

Suraj comes to Kasturi and Bhuvan and ask about Chakor. Bhuvan says she is not here. Kasturi says she came here and went. Suraj says maybe she is running away from me. He goes. Chakor comes to haveli. Suraj holds her and asks where were you, you don’t value me and my love, you could have atleast respected this puja and guests. She cries. He asks what happened, we will do puja now, mahurat is good even now as we are together, we will pray. He gives her the pot. She throws it and refuses for puja. She says I don’t want to marry you. He asks did you go mad. She says I don’t want to keep any relation with you, I can’t spend my life with you, you have Bhaiya ji’s blood, I hate your dad since childhood, I can’t marry you. She asks him to take the bangles. He asks her not to joke.

She says I m not joking. He asks are you not ashamed to do this. She says leave me, I m hurt. He asks what about my pain. She shouts I can’t marry you. He holds her and asks her problem. Tejaswini and Imli come. Chakor says I can’t become bahu of Rajvanshi family, who did many tortures on me and this village. Suraj says she is saying she does not want to marry me as I m Kamal Narayan’s son. Tejaswini asks what happened. Chakor says I told everything to Suraj. Suraj says she said she will return shagun bangles. Tejaswini asks why, I gave you the bangles. Chakor says I don’t want to do this marriage. She returns engagement ring to Suraj and goes. Suraj gets shocked. Mahiya….plays….

Chakor cries and says forgive me Suraj, I have no other way. Imli comes there. Chakor asks her to leave. Imli asks why are you crying. Chakor says I m not crying, go. Imli says tell me truth, why did you do this, you can’t leave Suraj. Chakor asks her to go. Imli says I won’t leave without knowing truth, you love me and my baby a lot right, swear on my baby and tell me truth. Chakor asks her to leave. Imli says I won’t leave, tell me the truth. Chakor says I m very helpless, I can’t tell truth to Suraj. Imli asks why are you helpless. Chakor says Kamal Narayan….She tells everything and cries. Imli gets shocked. They hug and cry. Imli says you were right, Bhaiya ji is a devil, I m always with you. Chakor says promise me you won’t tell this to anyone, else Bhaiya ji will sell the kids.

Bhaiya ji says Chakor is my son’s weakness, so I targeted her, now I will make Suraj work as I want. He gets shocked seeing Vivaan. Suraj says I don’t know what you did this, your place is just in my arms. He lifts Chakor in arms. Mahiya….plays….