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Udaan 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti saying Ranvijay will kill my BF. Ranvijay comes home. Suraj follows Imli. Pakhi catches him. He asks her to talk slowly. She asks him why is he worried. He says what shall I say, there are many problems, there is something going on between Imli and Bhaiya ji. She asks him to ask someone. He thanks her for the idea. Chakor shouts for help and calls Ranvijay. She signs Preeti to go.

Ranvijay runs to Chakor’s room and doesn’t see anyone. He comes down and sees Preeti at the door. Preeti sends her lover. Chakor asks Preeti not to worry, there is no one in their room, shut the door. Preeti says yes, and shuts door. He says there is no one here and goes to his room. Preeti thanks Chakor. Chakor shows the bandhua stamp and gets sad. Suraja tells the men that Bhaiya ji made them bandhua, but he has made them free. The people praise him. He asks them about Imli and Bhaiya ji’s talks. The man says we don’t hear them. Suraj says I wasted costly wine on you all. Guard says I have to say something imp.

He tells Suraj about taking Vivaan in the car. Suraj recalls Vivaan’s accident. Chakor asks Preeti not to worry, he will be glad that she has chosen good guy, I will talk to him. Preeti begs her not to tell Ranvijay. Chakor says he saved me and did lot, he will do much for you all, he will be glad. Ranvijay comes and asks what. He asks Chakor to come and have tea with them.

Chakor says I was coming to talk something imp. Preeti holds her hand and says we didn’t see any picture since many days. Ranvijay asks her to not get Chakor in this, she can go with Chakor. Preeti asks Chakor not to tell anything to him. She agrees. Chakor hugs Suraj’s pic. Suraj asks Imli about Vivaan’s accident. She lies to him. He says none has seen Vivaan in haveli for four days. She gets angry and asks what do you mean to say, Vivaan is ill and he is asking all this. He says I don’t know what’s happening. She says we both got sorrows, think well and recall good memories than thinking all this. She goes. Suraj looks on. Chakor sees Suraj’s pic and thinks to call. Suraj gets Imli’s phone and checks log. He calls on the number and hears Chakor. He gets silent. He then says Chakor….

She cries hearing him. He asks is this really you. Mahiya…..plays…… She says Suraj….. They cry. She asks him to say something. Imli’s phone gets off. He says phone had to end now, I couldn’t get her number. She calls back and gets number back. She hears some music and goes. Suraj sees Imli coming and hides. Chakor calls out Ranvijay. He comes out. She doesn’t see Bhaiya ji’s pic. She says Suraj called me and asked how m I, he is not my enemy, he loves me. He asks do you mean he doesn’t want to kill you. She says I heard his voice, he doesn’t want to kill me, I have to go Azaadgunj. He says never, you are pregnant, you can’t take risk.

Suraj says I didn’t believe her, but I heard love in her voice, I didn’t take her number from Imli’s phone. Pakhi asks why did you throw her belongings. He says don’t know, Imli is talking to Chakor and hidden all this, what is she talking to Bhaiya ji. She asks him to find out. Imli comes to Suraj and acts. He recalls the matter, and asks what will I find out if I m in senses, why are you scared. She says I m your friend, I m just concerned. She goes.


Udaan 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suraj gets angry on someone and says I m not going to have any child.