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Udaan 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini denying everything. She thinks I should have got him killed first and goes. Chakor comes and says I knew you will come here, what did you do with Ragini, laws will punish her, don’t punish her. He says let me say first, you are real devotee of Gandhi ji, but since you came in my life, I understood we should not take law in hand, I just gave warning to Ragini. She says I was scared, just tell me before doing anything, Ragini will be alert now. He says mistake happened. She says fine, don’t do mistake again, I m going. He says you show concern and then talk of leaving, do you make excuse to come and meet me. She says stop nonsense, anyone will come. He shuts door and hugs her. He says we will lock it, none can come. He says I like romancing like this. She says I don’t know.

He says I will teach you. She says you are forgetting what we decided. He says what to do, I forget everything when you are around, your love is so bad that if you get away from me for a moment, I feel like my breath stopped.

Mahiya….plays…. She says please leave me. He holds her to kiss. They hear some car sound. She asks him to leave. He asks her to promise. She promises to meet him in evening and they leave. She sees Ajay. Ajay says I came to keep an eye on Ragini. She says I came to do same. He thanks her for cancelling his transfer. She says I did not do anything, a big officer respects me since my marathon times, so he did this. He says I want to thank you, can you meet in evening. She thinks of Suraj. She thinks I should go with Suraj anytime, I have to tell Ajay about Ragini. She says fine, I will make coffee. Bhaiya ji clicks their pic. Ajay says give me the camera, you will get it back in evening. Bhaiya ji gives camera and says don’t hide any pics. Ajay says this is small try to keep an eye on Ragini’s activities.

Suraj sings and gets ready. He plays music. Tujhko jo paaya….plays…. He dances holding a rose in his mouth. Imli comes and asks where is he going. She stops music and says I don’t like noise. He says I like everything, since Chakor…. She asks what. He says I have seen Chakor scolding Ajay. She says no, I heard Ajay is taking her on dinner. He says no, Chakor said she wants to meet me. She says why, she does not want to see your face. Suraj says if this is true, Ajay won’t be fine today.

Its night, Imli does aarti. Vivaan comes and joins her. She gives him aarti and smiles. She asks how did you come in temple, did those girls leave you, what would they do if you talk about me. He says yes, I don’t want to forget two things, my love and your cheat. She asks what shall I say, there is no use to light in front of one who has tied cloth on eyes. Ragini thinks if Imli wins Vivaan’s heart, he will leave me. She asks Vivaan to see the gift, I got gold bracelet for you, wear it. He says I don’t want any gift. She says its your hardwork, do you want to ruin everything. He says if you think this business will end by your cheat, you are wrong, I worked hard to get this power, don’t know what you did behind my back. She says you are doubting on me, fine if you don’t trust me, this business and money is with us till Bhaiya ji gets senses, he should never get senses, go and give him injection at night, I m going out. She goes.

Suraj recalls Chakor’s words and is on the way. He says Ajay is such a fool, he knows Chakor is mine and even then trying to impress her, I will not leave him. Ajay asks Chakor shall I arrest Ragini for attacking you. Chakor says no, you won’t get any proof against her, we can’t proof anything. She picks camera and says the suppliers were not real, I was given poison, there is no proof. He says we have to find some proof against Ragini. She says Bhaiya ji clicked many pics. He says idea was to find about Ragini. She sees Suraj and Imli’s pics. Suraj arrives at Ajay’s house. He says either Ajay will be there or me. Chakor shows Ragini’s pic. He asks who is this man. Chakor says no. Suraj comes there. He moves Chakor and holds Ajay’s collar.

He scolds Ajay and says Chakor is my…. Ajay beats him. Suraj says I will not let anyone come in between us. Chakor stops them. Bhaiya ji comes there and takes the camera. Chakor says I stopped his transfer, he wanted to celebrate. Bhaiya ji thinks they give gift and take it back, I will not give camera to anyone. He goes. Chakor asks Suraj to stop it, Ajay is helping us in finding proof against Ragini. Suraj asks what proof, show me. She says sorry Ajay, Suraj gets angry soon. She asks where is the camera, I kept it here, we have to know who was that man with Ragini in that pic. Ajay goes out to see.

Chakor asks Suraj why did he come here, Ajay was helping us, it was imp photo, Ajay could have put Ragini in jail. Ajay holds Suraj’s collar and says big proof got away because of you, I wish to put you in jail. Suraj pushes him. He says I came here for you, not any camera or pic. Chakor asks why do you come after me, I m working with Ajay. Suraj says you mean I don’t do any work. She winks to him and says try to understand, leave from here, else I will slap. Suraj says you can’t slap me, I won’t go. She slaps him. He gets shocked.


Udaan 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chakor and Suraj see Ragini’s pic with Vivaan’s doctor. Suraj says it means on Ragini’s saying, that doctor made wrong reports for Vivaan. Vivaan says such a big cheat with me, Imli was saying true, no…… He cries. Suraj says to save Imli’s respect, I took the defamation on my head. Chakor cries and hugs him.