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Udaan 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor slapping Suraj and signing him to go. Vivaan says if I have to do all illegal work, what’s the need to make Ragini my partner, I don’t trust her, I can manage things alone. He gives injection to Bhaiya ji. The camera is kept aside. Vivaan holds the falling camera and keeps it. He sees Suraj and Imli’s pic. He says this mad man took great pics, I will see what Imli and Suraj did, she always does things that makes me away from her, I hate her. He is about to throw camera. He gets shocked seeing Ragini and doctor’s pics. He recalls doctor’s words. He says its same doctor who told me that I m impotent, why is Ragini giving him money.

Suraj asks why did you slap me, you should have told me. Chakor says its good, I explained you many times, our secret would have come out. He says my mind is hot and you are having cold icecream. She says I got this for you but had it myself, keep this a secret else we can’t meet. He says who will stop us, that inspector, I will beat him. She asks him to have icecream and puts in his shirt. He calls her mad to do this. She says I don’t want anything to make you fine, I lost the evidence, why did you come there. He says you don’t answer my calls.

Vivaan says Ragini……. and gets angry. He leaves from Bhaiya ji’s room. He goes to Ragini and shouts that he has to get answers from her. Chakor apologizes to Suraj. He asks her to give him a kiss. Chakor gets close. Bhuvan, Tejaswini and others come there and get shocked seeing them romancing.

Bhuvan asks what’s happening here. Chakor says I had work from him. Suraj and Chakor argue. Suraj goes. Chakor says we shall leave. Its morning, Vivaan comes to meet doctor and asks where is doctor. The lady says he is not here, stop shouting. He says call him, else I will kill you. She says he went on world tour. He asks who gave him money, I will ruin him, tell me how much money Ragini gave him. She says let me go, I don’t know anything. He asks her to show his reports. He asks her to say password of laptop. She says I don’t have permission. He points gun and asks do you love your life or loyalty to that doctor. She opens the laptop. Vivaan checks and says doctor made my two reports, one real and other fake. He checks his reports and gets shocked. He says such a big cheat, Imli said right, but I came in that doctor’s words, it means its my child, I m not impotent. He shouts no…… and cries. He says Ragini did all this, I will kill her. He shouts Ragini…..

Suraj looks for camera. He says Chakor will not leave me. He gets Chakor’s call and misses to see camera. He answers call and says that camera…. what you are coming to meet me, fine come. He says Chakor makes some reason to meet, it means fire is equal on both sides, I m also ready to welcome her. She sees the candle and asks is there no lights, where is camera. He says you don’t feel love and romance. She says I want camera, its imp. He says I know, its imp to get proof against Ragini, I did not get the camera, I think Ragini disappeared it.

Ragini says I forgot the test fire bullets in basement. She walks to basement. Chakor says our fight is imp than love. Suraj says understood, I will blow off love fire. Bhaiya ji clicks their photos. Bhaiya ji says everyone is captured in this camera. Chakor says its same camera. She asks him to show whom he caught in this camera. Bhaiya ji says Ajay wanted this, I did not give him. Suraj says show us and snatches it. Bhaiya ji scolds him. Chakor tries to check pics. Bhaiya ji takes it back. Chakor asks Suraj to delete their pics. Photos fall from Bhaiya ji’s pocket.

Ragini gets Vivaan’s call. She asks where are you, you have to meet me, fine I will come. Bhaiya ji stops Suraj and Chakor, and says Ranjana developed pics and gave me. He picks pics and goes. Chakor gets Ragini and doctor’s pic. She gets shocked and recalls Imli, Suraj and Vivaan’s words.

Chakor says this is Ragini with Vivaan’s doctor, who made his report that he is impotent, she is giving him money, it means…. Suraj says it means doctor made Vivaan’s wrong reports on her saying. She says it means Imli was saying truth. He says I tried to explain you, but you did not understand, to save Imli’s respect I took her defamation on my head. Chakor hugs him and cries. Mahiya….plays…..Chakor apologizes for misunderstanding him. Suraj says Vivaan is Imli’s child’s father.


Udaan 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chakor says its our responsibility to make Imli’s life heaven. Suraj hugs her. Vivaan slaps Ragini and points gun at her. He says I will end you and your planning today. He shoots.