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Udaan 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vivaan and Ragini leaving from haveli. Ajay and Chakor look on. He says if we get info, it will be easy for us, I think your support is good shagun for me. She says its good shagun for both of us. He says for both of us, I like that. They follow Vivaan’s car. Chakor falls towards Ajay. He looks at her. She asks him to take left, where is he lost. He says sorry, I lost balance. Vivaan and Ragini reach chemist. Chakor says I will go after them, I can give excuse if I get caught, else they will doubt on you. He asks her to go.

Ragini takes the medicines. Vivaan smiles. Ajaya says we have to find out. Chakor says I will find out. Vivaan pays money. Ajay says we will follow them. Chakor says no, they can change plan if they know we are following. He asks what shall we do. Vivaan  and Ragini leave.

Suraj sees mangalsutra and recalls Suraj’s words. Chakor comes out of car dicky and says I will see where they have come. She sees haveli and says why did they come here, whom are they giving injections, Imli? She runs to see. She hides. Vivaan prepares the injection. Ragini asks him to hurry. Vivaan says its matter of few days, then this injection won’t be needed, Bhole will manage, come. They go upstairs. Ragini turns to see. Chakor hides and follows. A vase falls by her hand. They see Chakor and get shocked. They hide the medicines.

Ragini asks what are you doing here, you have no right to come in haveli, after divorce with Suraj, all your relations broke. Vivaan says Chakor has come to meet her ex husband, Chakor is great, and Suraj is cheap. Chakor says I heard Suraj is not fine, I came to meet him. Vivaan says sure, do you remember the room, I will drop you, Ragini you go. Ragini goes. Vivaan takes Chakor to Suraj’s room. Suraj recalls Chakor stopping him from drinking wine. Suraj asks why shall I not drink. Vivaan asks Chakor to go in. Chakor thinks what will Suraj think seeing me.

Vivaan asks her will she go or should he knock. She enters the room. Vivaan goes. She sees Suraj holding wine glass. He says Chakor you came to see how I m spoiling my life. She asks did you lose so soon, you started drinking wine again. He asks how does this matter to you, you made your goal, I made my goal, this wine bottle, why did you come here, to see me and advice. Mahiya…..plays…..

Suraj holds her. Chakor says I came to take my shawl. Suraj asks at this time of night? She says I was feeling cold. He asks in summer? She says leave my hand. He says I m your husband, I know you more than yourself, why are you lying. She says no, you are not my husband. He asks who said, that mute papers. A bottle falls. They turn to see. She makes him away and says stay in your limits. She takes her shawl and says people like you never fulfill promise of love and support, you promised you will never drink, you broke that promise too, you were always a cheat. She goes. Suraj takes wine bottle and throws it. He shouts I m not a cheat, I will prove this one way.

Vivaan comes to Bhaiya ji’s room. He says I heard oldies become children after certain age, see the injections these days, it can make anyone a child. Ragini smiles. Chakor thinks how to find out whom are they giving injections, it can’t be Suraj, Imli and Bhaiya ji are left, where is Imli. Ragini asks Vivaan to do this work. Chakor sees Imli and says are they with Bhaiya ji. She runs upstairs. Vivaan gives injection to Bhaiya ji. Chakor sees this and gets shocked. She thinks so this is the secret of Bhaiya ji’s madness.


Udaan 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Ajay stops Chakor. Suraj looks on. Ajay says its not right time to do anything for Bhaiya ji. Chakor leaves. Ragini says I got to hear many stories about them. Suraj holds Chakor and asks did anyone else come in your life so soon, you got friendly with inspector.