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Udaan 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Suraj seeing servant keeping an eye on them. He pushes Chakor and starts acting. He scolds her. He asks her to leave him, but not blame his dad, he is very good, if he has to choose either of them, he will choose his dad, he has given him much, and she has just given him pain. He goes. Chakor asks him not to come back. Servant says I will tell this to Bhaiya ji, maybe I will get some money. Suraj calls Vivaan and says why is he not answering, I will leave a message. Imli comes and asks for Vivaan. Suraj thinks shall I tell her, no she will get adamant to go to him. She asks are you hiding anything. He says no, he went to Lucknow for business work. He goes. She says I feel there is some big problem, but why.

Bhaiya ji talks to man and says keep kids safe, if anyone tries to run, shoot. Imli stops Suraj and says tell me truth, where is Vivaan. He says I told you already. She says stop lying, tell me. He says he has gone to Delhi to save kids. She asks how did you let him go alone, there is big danger. He says it means you know about it, who else knows this. She says we have to find about Vivaan. Suraj gets a message.

Tejaswini says Suraj called all villagers and said he has to make big announcement, you have to be present. Bhaiya ji thinks Suraj will break all relations with Chakor. He goes down and sees villagers. Suraj asks him to come. He says he is Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi. Bhaiya ji laughs. Suraj says you all know what he did, I have realized his name will be written in history, every child wants his father to give him all happiness, every good father wants the same, you all have sent kids to make their good future, you know what my dad did, he should be respected, Chakor will make him wear garlands. Chakor comes there with garlands. Suraj says you all know why Chakor refused to marry me, Bhaiya ji asked her to choose her happiness, her love or your kids’ happiness and future. Everyone gets shocked.

Suraj says you all know Chakor, she loves you all a lot, she chose the kids, she gave this sacrifice to save kids. He starts insulting Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Chakor makes her wear garlands and says your game is over, you lost again. He removes the garlands.

Tejaswini asks him to say if this is true. He asks her to get lost. He says now everything is out, I did not change, I m still the same, you all will always be my bandhua. I m ready to do anything. He laughs and says your kids’s bad state will be in papers. Vivaan comes there with kids. Everyone smiles. Bhaiya ji gets shocked and runs to hold his collar. He says I will kill you. Vivaan scolds him.

Chakor says I told you, your game is over, you have cheated Suraj, Tejaswini and villagers, if I sign them, they will kill you, you were a devil, you are and will always be a devil. Bhaiya ji repeats the same, and says devil never dies, I will come back. He goes. Bhuvan says Chakor you sacrificed your love. Kasturi scolded you a lot, sorry from her side. Chakor says whatever I did was my duty. Tejaswini says its good he has gone, he can never change. Ranjana looks on. Imli asks Chakor to say yes to Suraj now. Suraj gets on his knees and proposes Chakor. Everyone asks Chakor to say yes. Chakor says yes and hugs Suraj. Mahiya….plays….


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