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Udaan 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Chakor crying. She says whatever Bhaiya ji does tomorrow, I will make sure you get food, sleep in my lap now. Suraj gets stomach ache. She sings lullaby and makes him sleep. Imli and Vivaan see them and feel bad. Imli says enough of Bhaiya ji’s tortures, I can’t see Chakor and Suraj in this state. Vivaan gets call and tells Imli that it was call from clinic, they called me to take reports. Imli says I wish everything is fine, I will come along. He says I will get reports, you be here with Chakor and Suraj. She says yes, don’t know what plan that devil made for them.

Its morning, Bhaiya ji tells villagers that today they will decide, you maybe getting pity seeing Suraj, think what tortures he did on you, I will give him food, but he is bandhua and there is a law, bandhua

will get food when he works, I think there are 3-4 wells in village, they are in bad state, Suraj will repair wells and paint them, then I will give him food. Chakor says its justice. He says Suraj did injustice, do everyone remember, Suraj has put kerosene oil in wells to keep you thirsty, he got ration stolen to keep you hungry, remember now decision is your hands, to help Suraj or not, living him hungry and thirsty or not, don’t give him food, if he does not do work, he won’t get food.

Suraj says I don’t have strength to repair 3 wells. Chakor says give him food first and then he will work. Bhaiya ji says think what they decide. Chakor says villagers are not stone hearted, they will not stop Suraj, they will help Suraj. He says we will see. She says you are thinking wrong, villagers will surely help Suraj, he got punished already, villagers have forgiven him, everyone is not like you, we are poor but have big heart. He says you have belief, Suraj did wrong with you also, how did you forgive him. Chakor says Suraj lost his love, child and self esteem, what can be bigger repentance, you just do to do sin, you can never repent, I m sure Suraj will win in this last test, as I m with him, and my Lord is with him. He asks are you done, pravachan over? Its already 12, we will see what you and your Lord does in 5 hours. Bhaiya ji and Ragini leave.

Chakor goes to Suraj. Suraj sits to repair well. Tejaswini cries and says I think no one has forgiven Suraj. Chakor says don’t worry, if villagers don’t help him, they will not stop him from work. She asks Suraj not to lose courage, you can do it. She hugs him and cries. She says humko mann ki shakti dena…. She asks him to use his will power. Servant asks Chakor to get away. Chakor says I will get water for you Suraj, keep working.

Vivaan asks what, how can this happen, its impossible. Doctor says calm down, sit, we have checked it twice, same reports have come, your fertility is less, can’t father a child ever. Vivaan asks how did this happen. Doctor says there are many reasons, harmonal imbalance, stress, there is treatment too, but no guarantee, if you both want a child, I advice you to adopt a child, these days, sperm donation also happens. Vivaan says no, I can’t imagine my wife to have someone’s child in her womb, I won’t be able to accept that child, why did this happen.

Doctor says don’t feel sad, I guessed this would happen. Vivaan asks what do you want. Doctor says you were on drugs since nearly 9 years, this is the big reason. Vivaan gets shocked and cries. He leaves. Chakor runs and meets Imli on the way. She asks why did you wear old clothes. Imli says Bhaiya ji crossed limit, I decided to stop him, I took my old avatar back, I will end all this, I m going. Chakor says you won’t do this, wrong is happening with Suraj, if you do this, don’t know what will happen, Suraj did not have food since 10 days. Imli says its enough, I can’t see him in this state, don’t stop me. Chakor stops her. She says if you want to do something, do what I ask you.

Suraj paints the well. Tejaswini says don’t lose, you can do it. Kasturi says yes, there is still time. Chakor says anything wrong can happen, we can’t make mistake, we have to think well, control anger and help me. Imli asks how. Chakor says I was going to get water, I want food for Suraj, I don’t believe Bhaiya ji, he won’t give him food, help me in sending goons away. She tells her plan. Imli says I have my helpers, Suraj will get food today. They join hands. Chakor says four hours are left. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…..plays………..

Suraj says I m getting dizzy now Chakor, I can’t do this. Vivaan hits car to a tree and falls on steering. Suraj falls down.


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