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Udaan 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini coming to Vivaan. He plays Ragini and doctor’s photo on screen. She gets shocked seeing Vivaan’s real report. Lights come. Vivaan holds her. She turns to him. He slaps her and points gun. She says stop, I will tell everything, I did this for your good. Vivaan says you snatched my happiness and my child was called illegitimate, what good were you saying, today I will settle all scores, I will end your planning. He shoots. She shuts her ears and looks behind. He laughs and says I did not miss my aim, get up, I will not kill you easily, you should get such death that you beg for death, like Imli, me, Suraj and Chakor went through, your one planning ruined four lives. She says forgive me, I will make everything fine, give me one chance. He says we have no relation between us.

Vivaan asks Ragini to sit on the chair. He ties her. She says I m sorry, give me once chance, trust me. Vivaan says trust, this word is not made for you, I have to make you pay for crimes. Chakor asks Suraj shall we tell truth to Imli, we have to know why was Ragini paying money to doctor, we can get proved wrong again, I know what to do. She calls the clinic and asks for doctor. The lady says he went out of India. Chakor says give me his number, I have to talk about Vivaan’s case. The lady says no need to threaten me, I did not make Vivaan’s fake report, doctor made me, you ask him. Chakor gets shocked.

She says doctor is not in city, but one thing is confirmed, that Vivaan’s reports are fake, Ragini trapped all of us, we did not doubt that she did all this. She recalls the past and says what did I do with Imli and you, how did I get blind in anger, I doubted on my sister and husband, I blamed you, how did I do big sin, I can’t forgive myself, what did I do. She breaks the mirror and cries saying she is very bad sister. Vivaan gets petrol. Ragini asks her to leave him. He says you like playing with people’s life, how shall I leave you, you started this game, if I leave you alive, you will make someone else’s life hell, you have to die.

Suraj hugs Chakor and asks her to stop cursing herself. She says you always helped me and I did not trust you. She recalls their divorce. He says I did this to save Imli, maybe Imli would have died, I knew you will break down, then how would I be alive. Chakor hugs him. She says you are so good. He says you made me a good man. She asks why did you not tell me. She says Ragini’s plan was solid, everyone would have asked Imli who is the father of her child, none was listening to imli, what would I do. They talk to make Vivaan and Imli’s life heaven.

Chakor and Suraj go to haveli to meet Imli. Chakor calls her out. Ragini shouts for help. Vivaan ties tape to her. Chakor says she is not here, Imli is not coming in front of me. Suraj says Imli will be very happy, there is puja in village, maybe she is there. She says yes, its result of her puja. He says we will go to Vivaan and give this good news to him, think he will be so happy to know Imli has his child. Vivaan says you think Chakor and Suraj will save you, no. He shuts the room’s door and goes. Ragini sees a knife and tries to get it. Chakor and Suraj come there and see lock at the door. Vivaan hides. Vivaan thinks they might have known the truth.

Chakor says its imp to tell truth to Vivaan and Imli. Suraj says he would be at godown. Chakor says we will meet Vivaan and then decide what to do with Ragini. They leave. Vivaan comes back to Ragini. She hides the knife. He says you thought you will get punished afterlife, you ruined my world. He pours the petrol around.

Bhaiya ji clicks pics and argues with kids. Imli comes and says forgive them, show me camera. Bhaiya ji says you understand me, you click my pic. She clicks his pic and shows him. She says its beautiful pic. She says I will see my pic. He says your pic is here and gives her pics. She gets shocked seeing Ragini and doctor’s pic. She thinks Ragini is paying the doctor, I will not leave him.


Udaan 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chakor says you broke our unity, tell us why you did this. Ragini shouts I did this, I will kill you. Imli gets trishul to kill Ragini.