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Udaan 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Chakor taking Suraj. Suraj asks what’s this game. Pakhi tells him about paper dance and explains. Suraj asks what’s this joke, will I play this kiddish game. Chakor says yes, you are still kiddish. He says fine, its easy, Pakhi will be my partner. Chakor asks Imli to dance with her. Imli refuses. Chakor asks do you want me to lose, come. They go and dance on the papers. Chakor and Suraj see each other. Paper/cloth get short. Imli asks how will we dance now. Chakor asks her to step on her feet. Suraj lifts Pakhi on his shoulders. Chakor says this is cheat. He asks why, you make Imli sit on your head, everything is fair in love and war.

Pakhi says you love Chakor, lose before she loses. He asks why. She says she always helps you. Imli thinks they always fight, what shall I do. Chakor and Imli lose balance and stand. Imli signs Pakhi. Pakhi bites Suraj’s hand and he loses. Chakor and Imli win. Suraj asks why did you make me lose, are you in Chakor’s team. Chakor asks him how can he blame Pakhi when he lost. He says fine, I lost, you won, I have forgiven you, now promise you will never leave me. Pakhi says yes, else Suraj will not forgive you. Imli also says the same. Chakor says first I want to have food, we shall leave. Suraj says I had to meet Lakhan, come.

Vivaan thinks of Ranjana and Chakor. Ragini comes and says I m going out for some days. He says then I will do my incomplete work. She asks him to take care and goes. He says its time to punish Chakor for her cheat. Chakor eats food ad gets hiccups. Kasturi says someone is missing you. Chakor drinks water. Tejaswini says her hiccups are not stopping, Imli jokes. Suraj comes there and asks for some salt. He says I got food by working at Lakhan’s house. Bhuvan says Chakor, your hiccupps stopped. They smile. Imli teases Chakor. Tejaswini says Suraj can sit here and have food with us. Kasturi says why not, sit Suraj.

Vivaan says I called you here so that you help me. Ranjana asks what are you going to do. He says in murdering someone. She asks whose murder. He says Chakor, her punishment is just death. She says if you kill Chakor, you can go jail. He laughs and says you never went jail. I just called you to say, you will clean the crime I do, else I will not go jail alone, I will go with you. Chakor and Suraj see each other. Imli asks Suraj to swear and say did he came to take salt or to see Chakor. He coughs. Chakor says Imli be quiet. Imli runs. Chakor runs after her. Suraj gets up to hold Chakor. They all laugh. Vivaan comes and looks on. He says the one who snatched my smile has no right to smile.

Suraj and Chakor go by walk. She says I forgot to tell you, I spoke to Ranjana and said I will tell Vivaan about Manohar’s murderer if she comes in our way. He says fine, but Vivaan should not know, he can’t bear this. She says yes. She thinks where did Vivaan go from fair. He asks what happened. She says I got tired, I can’t walk more. He asks what will we do. He sees a man passing by on cycle and stops him. She borrows the cycle and thanks him. Suraj asks Chakor to come. She asks sure. He says yes, sit. They leave on the cycle.

She asks what happened. He thinks he won’t get better chance to say I love you, I should say it. A car races and they fall down the cycle. Suraj shouts and scolds the man. Chakor says you don’t know cycling and scolding him, I got hurt. Suraj says one should not help people like you, go your way, I m going to village. She says fine. He throws her purse. She catches it and goes. He follows her. He says don’t think I m following you, I m doing Pati dharm, as your protection is my responsibility. She thinks he does not understand how much I love him. He thinks I would still love you even if I was not your husband.

Vivaan gets ready. He says Chakor…I regarded you my best friend, you cheated me. Imli comes to show him his name tattoo. She hugs him and asks him to see the tattoo. She says I wanted to show yesterday, you did not see, when I will raise hand to pray, your name will be seen first. He says I have to make imp call. He calls Ragini and says its great, final the deal, none will know. He sees Imli and ends call. He says I forgot you are here, don’t tell this to anyone, please. He goes.

She thinks he did not see me once, what is he doing now, I m his wife and not let him get trapped. Chakor comes. Imli tells her about Vivaan and Ragini. Vivaan hears them and smiles. He thinks I knew Imli will tell Chakor, so I did this drama to trap Chakor, now I have to prepare to kill her.


Udaan 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vivaan ties up Chakor and throws water on her face. She gets shocked seeing him aiming pistol at her.

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Udaan (also known as Udann Sapnon Ki) is an Indian television drama show that premiered on 18 August 2014 and airs on the Colors TV channel, Monday through Friday at 8:30 pm. The show is produced by Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and is based on his unreleased movie of the same name. It stars child actor Spandan Chaturvedi in a lead role. The first promo for the show was released on 10 July 2014.


Moni Raj
Paras Arora
Prachee Pathak
Prakash Ramchandani
Rajiv Kumar
Sai Ballal
Sai Deodhar
Sandeep Baswana
Sehban Azim
Shresth Kumar
Spandan Chaturvedi
Suhasini Mulay
Tasheen Shah
Vandana Singh
Varun Sharma
Vidhi Pandya
Vijayendra Kumeria
Vineet Raina
Yash Mistry
Darshan Gurjar
Dolphin Dwivedi
Ginny Virdi
Meera Deosthale

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min