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Udaan 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini throwing things in anger. She says how dare they refuse to me, I will kill everyone, Chakor will die. Vivaan comes. She shoots. He bends down and gets shocked. He throws water on Ragini’s face. He takes the gun from her hand and makes her sit. He says nothing will happen if you kill Chakor, villagers will get more angry. She says yes, you are right, but we can trouble Chakor, she always talks from villagers’ side, let’s see how she fills the villagers’ stomach. She asks goons to snatch food from villagers. Vivaan says no, we won’t get anything this way, we have to think something that Chakor can’t do anything.

Bhuvan says Chakor you did good to get food for kids. Suraj says we will try to get more tomorrow. Goons come to snatch food. Suraj and villagers scold and beat goons. Vivaan comes there. Chakor and everyone hold hands. Vivaan says we have many ways to compromise with you. Chakor refuses to compromise, even if he gets food and water for him. Vivaan laughs and asks them to listen carefully, your life can change, if you all get ready to make guns for us, I will tear all the bandhua contracts, you all will get free of bandhuagiri, think of the freedom, you can earn much more, you can earn one week income in one day, if you agree to me, your slavery will end forever. He tells them to get more money and freedom. He leaves.

Ragini asks Vivaan why will they work for us. Vivaan says our game spoiled when we scared them, you know what they will do, stop being emotional, good businessman is never emotional, I fooled them of freedom. Suraj says there can’t be bigger good news to get freedom, this is not a big deal. Tejaswini says but they are pushing us towards wrong. Suraj says villagers should get a chance. Ragini says fine, tell me if the villagers get free, how will they stay in our control. Vivaan says like Bhaiya ji used to control them by fear. She asks are you sure. He says yes, we will win, I did this to trap Chakor, I will tell you right thing, the villagers have bandhuagiri in their fate. She asks what do you mean.

Chakor and Suraj argue over Vivaan’s deal. Suraj says they will get chance to move on, they can get free now. Chagan says govt will punish people who make bandhuas. Suraj asks what will govt. Do, this deal is good for Vivaan and us, he has to give us what we ask.

Vivaan laughs and says the villagers are getting trapped, their old contracts will be torn, we will make new contracts, in which we will write even their breath, it will be new bandhuas, just see, if they buy the dream I sold, if they work for us, they will get trapped. Ragini smiles.

Chakor asks Suraj do you want them to make guns, you want Pakhi to have pistol in hand. Suraj hugs Pakhi and says no, I don’t want to see bandhuagiri stamp on her hand, we will make guns till we get money, then we will leave this work, the kids can have education, shall we not give a chance to move on and make their life. Everyone clap for Suraj. Suraj says you all decide now. Everyone get ready to make guns. Suraj says yes, for freedom. Vivaan says bandhua is always a bandhua. He smiles.


Udaan 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suraj asks Chakor to think about kids, who will get free of bandhuagiri. Chakor says sorry, I don’t agree. Suraj accepts Vivaan’s deal and says your gun testing won’t happen in Aazaadgunj. He decides the amount for workers. Vivaan agrees.

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