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Udaan 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor asking everyone who are they, where is Suraj, I have to go home, where are my mum, dad, Imli. She gets dizzy. She asks where am I, what’s this place. Pandit says you are in Banaras right now. She asks how did I reach here, I was in Aazaadgunj. He says Ganga maiyya got you here, I got you unconscious, people thought you are dead, Lord saved you, you are fine now. She recalls what happened with her.

Chakor comes home and says those people wanted to kill me, masked people, they want to kill me. Suraj says how to believe Chakor went away forever, she didn’t call me, she could have called someone else, its a month now, I tried finding her, but didn’t get her. Tejaswini prays for her. She says my heart says Chakor will come back. Bhaiya ji says I wish we could know Chakor is alive or dead. Suraj and everyone look at him. Chakor cries and says they want to kill me. Pandit asks who. Chakor shouts. A girl comes and holds her. Chakor shouts to Suraj for help. Suraj aims gun at Bhaiya ji and holds his neck, asking what did he do with Chakor, I threatened you. Bhaiya ji says move pistol, you got mad. Suraj says yes, I got mad, you are her only enemy, tell me where is she. He shoots. Imli moves Suraj’s hand and scolds him. She says Chakor told me she doesn’t want to marry Suraj, why is he blaming Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says why will I kill Chakor.

Imli asks Suraj to accept Chakor has left you to make a new start, you also move on, she will never come back. Suraj shouts no, my heart is not agreeing that Chakor can leave me. Chakor hugs pandit’s wife and says take me home. pandit’s wife says we will take you to your house, don’t worry. The girl Divya calls her didi and asks her will she have pakodis. She introduces herself. Chakor cries. Pandit says you have met Divya, I m Radheshyam Tripathi, people call me pandit ji, this is my wife Mridula, now tell us about you, what shall we call you. Chakor says my name is Chakor… He says its a beautiful name, I m glad seeing you talking, I felt like…. He cries. Divya says my dad gets too emotional. Chakor says my dad is also like this, he is emotional. He says one who has much love in heart often cries.

Bhuvan says my heart says Vivaan will get fine, Chakor will also come back. Imli thinks none is talking about me, she died, but she is alive in their hearts. Bhuvan says I will pray for Vivaan, if you get news about Chakor, inform us. They leave. Suraj asks Vivaan to come to senses and tell about Chakor, from whom to save Chakor, shall I believe Imli, whom shall I ask. Imli worries seeing Vivaan opening eyes.

Suraj asks Vivaan to tell about note. Vivaan sleeps. Imli thinks Vivaan doesn’t know Chakor is dead, he can’t help Suraj, I hate Chakor’s name. Mridula feeds Chakor. Chakor thinks of Kasturi and cries.

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