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Udaan 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Tejaswini saying you are having fun by troubling Chakor. She apologizes to him. She says I did not know your good intentions, I would have supported you if I knew. He says I did not feel bad, I felt glad that you supported Chakor. She feeds him and says I did not had hope that my son will change so much. Chakor comes. Suraj says you came early. Chakor says you asked me to do so, I gave halwa to everyone. Tejaswini says I m going to get some items, I m going haveli, villagers are called there, have this. She goes. Chakor thinks who called them in haveli. Suraj holds her and asks where are you lost. Chakor says I told everyone that you are innocent, did I get forgiveness. He says no, I was thinking something, wash my car.

She says you want me to wash your car. He says fine, your wish. She says okay, I will go haveli to wash your car. She goes. He smiles. Imli asks Vivaan to leave her hand. Vivaan takes her to the room and shows the toys. She recalls old moment. He says I got everything ready, I got baby care info in this file. She cries and says I know you realized your mistake, I have forgiven you, I love you a lot, I need time to become old Imli, this is that place where we saw dreams, you made me out of this room by insulting me, its tough to forget bad memories, your taunts and bad words echo in my ears even today, it does not mean I will remember this all life, wound is fresh now, give me some time, its not easy for me to stay in this room.

He recalls what he did and says I remember the wounds I gave you, you showed greatness by hiding my name in front of Bhaiya ji, I respect you a lot, I realized my mistake, I will leave this room. He packs his bag and goes. Imli cries.

Bhaiya ji comes downstairs and asks villagers are they glad that he is back or are they sad. He troubles them. Kishor says he became like before. Bhaiya ji asks them to pay fine, keep one week earning in this glass box. People put money in the box. Tejaswini also goes to put money. Bhaiya ji stops her and says you are not bandhua. Ranjana says but she is villager. Tejaswini says yes, I will do what they do. He says no, you are owner of this house. Ranjana asks what are you saying, you made her leave. Tejaswini says yes. Bhaiya ji says broken relations have joined, come back to haveli. Tejaswini and everyone get shocked. He asks her to take her place, she is owner of this haveli. Ranjana says I m owner. He asks her to move her hand.

He sends the villagers. He says I know I have tortured you a lot, I insulted you always, but you did not curse me, you did not take a wrong step against me and did wife’s duty, I did not see such greatness, I bow down and fold hands, forgive me once. Ranjana angrily goes.

Bhaiya ji says give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Tejaswini says don’t embarrass me. He says I should be ashamed, I remember when I got mad, people laughed behind my back, none had courage to tell me truth, you told me that I got mad, I realized Devi should be in temple. She says I will not come back in haveli. He says I m saying by true heart. She says its tough to believe you, I want some time to decide. She goes.


Udaan 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chakor and Suraj pour water on each other and argue. Chakor says I love you, no need to publicize this. Suraj tells Imli that he can’t be annoyed with Chakor. Chakor hears him.