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Udaan 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts wit Imli getting Suraj’s bail. Suraj is freed. He says sorry, I had drunk a lot yesterday. She says if you really regret, don’t touch that bottle again. Ajay and Chakor come to police station and see them. Suraj goes out. Chakor asks Imli is she keeping the fast. Imli says yes.

Tejaswini asks the men to keep boxes and leave. Ragini says how did you come, is Chagan ill that you came today. Tejaswini argues. Ragini gets angry. Vivaan stops Ragini. Tejaswini says if we got half day leave today, it would be good. Ragini says you won’t get leave. Vivaan asks why do you want leave, you are making less guns. Tejaswini says we will work more tomorrow, there is puja today, couples keep fast and do puja. Ragini refuses. Tejaswini says villagers will not do work well, Devi can curse you, you both also come in puja, Chakor is organizing this. Vivaan says great. He asks Ragini to understand. She says last time Chakor filled poison in villagers’s mind, we will give half day leave, but we have a condition, puja will be done in haveli. He says we will give food also. He tells Ragini that villagers will come to have food, we can know Chakor’s plan. Tejaswini says you will get blessings and goes.

All women do puja. Kasturi says all married women do puja for husband, Chakor is free of marriage, she would be feeling bad. Tejaswini says I had to get Chakor here, I m angry on my son Suraj, I will never forgive her. Kasturi says my daughters’ lives became hell. Imli comes for puja. She says Maa you know what I m going through, so something that my husband walks on right path, protect Vivaan.

Chakor sees servants coming. Vivaan and Ragini come there. Chakor calls Ajay and says Vivaan and Ragini came here, you have chance to find out clues. Ajay says i was waiting here, I will search in godown and inform you. Vivaan says Ragini, married woman wear such bangles, when did you marry. Ragini says these bangles are matching with my dress. He says yes, you are from Mumbai, I forgot.

Vivaan sees Imli and recalls their vows. Imli prays for him. Ragini says Chakor is here, where is Suraj. Suraj enters Vivaan’s room and says I should get something here, to know from where they are getting injections. He looks for some document. Ajay also checks the godown. He says there should be hidden drawer here. Chakor thinks once Ajay gets supplier info, gun factory won’t be there.

Ragini asks Chakor about her lovers. Chakor says I don’t have any lover. Ragini says I m asking about Suraj and Ajay. Chakor says I m not their watchman. Imli wishes Vivaan sees her once and prays he loves her like before. She thinks till Suraj finds Bhaiya ji’s secret in haveli, you both have to be here. Vivaan smiles seeing her. Imli stumbles. Lady asks her to be careful for her baby. Vivaan recalls Suraj’s words. He scolds them and says I m going to haveli. Ragini says I will go to godown first.

Imli thinks Suraj is in Vivaan’s room, if Vivaan gets Suraj, it will be problem. Chakor says Ajay is in godown, if Ajay and Vivaan come face to face, it will be trouble. Suraj says don’t know where did they hide it. Ajay knocks on table and says the table is hollow. He hits it and papers fall. He smiles. Imli stops Vivaan and says don’t go, I kept this puja and fast for you. Ajay checks papers.

Suraj gets some papers and checks. Ajay says Vivaan’s I will fly your plane. Vivaan scolds Imli. Imli says don’t go and holds his feet. Chakor holds Imli and says Imli kept fast for you, stay for some time. He says I know Imli’s devotion for whom. Vivaan and Ragini leave. Imli worries that Suraj can get caught. Suraj comes and asks for Chakor. She says she was here, she went, I m happy we helped her, did you get anything. He says I got big evidence, I have to leave for Lucknow. Chakor asks Lucknow. Ajay says yes, materials come from there, we have to meet supplier there. Suraj says doctor is in Lucknow, we have to go there to change medicines. Chakor says we have to go Lucknow.


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