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Udaan 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Udaan 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor getting away on seeing everyone. They all smile. Suraj says camping is fun. Imli and Chakor ask Vivaan to tie the tent, Suraj can’t do it. Suraj gets a call. Chakor asks whose call is it. He asks why to tell you. He goes. She goes after him. Its night, Suraj does some arrangements in the tent. Chakor calls him out for help. Suraj runs out and looks for Chakor. She shout to Suraj. He sees Vivaan and Imli laughing. He asks what’s this joke, where is Chakor. Vivaan asks Suraj to get saved. Suraj turns and sees some dark shadow coming. He gets scared and gets back. Vivaan and Imli smile.

Suraj sees the anklets and understands Chakor is scaring him as ghost. Chakor holds him. Suraj lifts the ghost in arms. Vivaan and Imli get surprised. Suraj asks ghost will she marry him. He gets close to kiss. Chakor removes the mask and asks are you not ashamed and scared to kiss ghost. He says even if you were a ghost, I would have married you, lucky people get such beautiful ghost. Mahiya….plays…. Vivaan says they look so happy together. Imli says lucky people get true love. Vivaan says even you are lucky then. She says yes. Chakor asks Suraj how did he know she is the ghost. He says this anklet sound, I gifted you this anklet to always find you. They smile. She changes the ghost costume and comes.

Suraj sees her and goes. Chakor sits. Vivaan says plan failed, Suraj got to know everything. She says yes, but where did he go. Suraj gets a gift for her. Imli says I m feeling good seeing their love, I wish they are always happy. Vivaan says sometimes pray good for me too. He hugs her. Imli says I always pray for you, I trust you, you will love and take care of me and child well. Suraj says I got this dress when you agreed for marriage, I thought to get this here, you check it and wear it too. Chakor checks the dress.

Imli says its so pretty. Vivaan says I did not know Suraj’s taste is so good. Chakor says its really beautiful, I m feeling bad to scare you. Suraj says yes, you did wrong, next time thing, if you shout for help, I won’t save you. A man comes and says if there is no fun between husband and wife, life gets boring. Chakor says we are not husband and wife. Suraj says we will become husband and wife soon, pandit gave mahurat after two weeks. The man says I told my nephew to leave mahurat and marry, his marriage is today, have sweets. He gives them sweets.

Chakor says I feel tired, we should sleep now. Vivaan says ys, we will go now. Suraj andd Chakor go. She stumbles and is about to fall in fire. Suraj holds her hand and pulls her. She asks what were you doing, if I fell in fire here. He says I did not let you fall, nothing can happen to you till I m there. They have an eyelock. Her dupatta slips. She wears it back. Suraj looks at her. She turns shy and runs.

Imli talks to Kasturi. She tells Vivaan about Teej tomorrow. She says I want to puja, can we go to temple, will you take me. He agrees. He says I will tell Suraj and Chakor too. She says no, just married girls can do this puja, we will go early and come back before Chakor and Suraj wake up. Vivaan says good idea, but we have to sleep early to wake up early. They have a romantic moment.

Chakor wears the gifted dress. She sees a shadow outside. She asks is that you Suraj, you are not ashamed to see me like this, go from here. Suraj comes and holds her. He compliments her. He says I did not give gifts to you before, our marriage will be called real one now. She says you gave me three gifts, this anklet, this lahenga and your love. He says we used to hate each other before. Their old moments are seen. He says when we got married before, I did that to punish you, you looked a wild cat when you attacked me. She says you were also a wild animal. He says you taught me to love like humans. Tujhme rahun mai…..plays…. Their lovely moments are shown. Chakor says you also taught me something. He asks what. She says person can become anything if he wants, a stone can become a diamond. He says so I m a diamond, then wear it and don’t remove it ever. She says never. He holds her close.


Udaan 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suraj says you love me Chakor. She says yes. He asks do you want to marry me. He makes her don a dupatta and takes rounds around the fire. Taare hai baraati…..plays….. They smile and hug.